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October 11, 2007, 8:59 pm CDT

There Is No End To It

There is no end to this and there can be no end to senseless killings like this in the United States in our present form of government. As long as Americans continue to operate in the social structures we have created without recognizing our need for flexibility and serious changes in what we do and do not allow for, sad events like this will continue.


I don't care what the NRA says about incidents like this, a gun killed those people.


We either take them away or  create laws that enable citizens to better defend themselves.


As long as there is hate, envy, jealousy, disrespect, greed and avarice in the world there will be no end to this.


The very best screening for law enforcement officers will not make enough differance as we have seen.


The path down this terrible road starts with, disrespect,  for self first, than others.


If your wondering why....and how....something like this can happen in 'our' nice little all started the very moment a human being thought less of themselves than they had ought to of.


We should have learned self-respect early in life but too often we have parents where one or more of them have also come to a place to where they too, stopped respecting themselves, their name, their home and values until all they had ever hoped for and placed so much value gone.


Whole value systems are based in...1.Love 2. Work, when one of those is out of balance and threatens our well being our entire value system is threatened and that is where a good basis in self-respect is called for and necessary for our recovery.


When we place no more value on ourselves and are taken with hopelessness it is than we have stopped respecting both ourselves and others.


When this happens we open the door to an attitude of 'our own needs first' and than we no longer care about the needs of others, be they physical or spirtual needs...or whatever is that gives our neighbors the balance they need in their own lives and values.


The spiral downward continues when we are so busy trying to keep the essentials for our own basic survival intact and operational, the need for balance in our love (relationships) and work (life purpose), that we so easily take our eyes off others that we share and trade with and when we do that, when we, through our actions or inactions, get so busy with ourselves it is than say to others with our body language and our tone of voice, you do not count, you are not a part of my life mission and value system and you provide nothing to my personal well being or the well being of my family, when we devalue others like that, we set the stage for retaliation and violence in our communities.


When we are so busy looking for the forest and can't see the trees right in front of us we have to pause and reflect and ask ourselves........are we too busy ?......what are we missing here ?.....and why ?


What part did I or we play in this tragedy ?


Just because I didn't pull the trigger and it's not my fault doesn't mean that perhaps there was something I could have done to prevent this.


Just because I refuse to accept guilt for being so selfish and focused on only my own family and it's needs doesn't mean I am no less liable for my actions or inactions when travesty falls upon another family nearby.


Where is the dividing line between being self sufficent and minding my own business and being my brother's keeper ?


We live in the social structures we create. We are liable for what we allow and do not allow for within them.


We all play a role in our communities and social structures whether we like those roles or not.

October 12, 2007, 12:10 am CDT

He Was Just One

Quote From: carey325

I'm from Wisconsin, not near Crandon.  Married to a police administrator.  I am just waiting for the cop basing.  You can't predict everything, please do not use this young man's issues to be a platform to bash all those officers that put their lives on the line, whose families miss holidays with them  because they are out there protecting us from the law breakers, PLEASE.  This is one person, one young person.  He does nto represent the many officers that have dedicated their lives to this profession. 


And on that same note, please remember this young man has a family.  They do not deserve to be persecuted.


And the victims families also will need time to heal, please allow them that.  This is a tough, terrible world we live in.  Let's not make this harder on everyone than we have to. 


Thank you.

Ok, I'll accept that the officer in question was just one of the many who remain in honor and work honorably, protecting us and giving of their lives to serve the public safety.


I've always had at least a fair to good affiliation with law enforcement officers. I'm a Sergeant in the Guard so I have a pretty good idea what kind of pressure they are under


In our human condition we will always find a fraction of those of us serving in positions where we have no business being in.


This young (Sheriff''s) officer got through the screening process with deep set issues for one reason or another that went undetected or were ignored. That is another subject Wisconsin officials will need to have a look at. It's going to be interesting to see what they come up with and how that particular young man was employed in law enforcement in the first place. (Perhaps a tour in the Navy or Air Force would have been better for him to begin with, only those who knew him best would know)


I'll go along with the appeal that the immediate family should not be persecuted for these horrible acts of murder committed by one of their family members.


However, I do think they are very liable for not being close enough, connected enough, inquisitive and probing enough to continue to look into the life of that young officer as he progressed. How could they not know he had issues that could lead to violence ? Maybe he was an outstanding person while still a civilian but too immature to handle the responsibility of being a police officer once he got a good look at himself in the mirror and liked the look and feel of a deadly firearm on his service belt ? Maybe he got a new sense of power and prestige that got away from him when he was not appreciated for his new employment among those who he may have thought owed him the respect he had figured he earned ?


Pardon me but, I don't believe his immediate family was unable to prevent this or at least issue a warning of some kind. I think the family knew he was not the right man for the job regardless of the screening process, just hours or days after he became an officer perhaps witnessing a change in personality. I think they saw that he might have a propensity to gun violence and confused that with law enforcement procedures and training. I think he had respect and rage issues that needed to be dealt with long before being considered for a law enforcement position. I also think he needed to be at least 21, graduated from the state's law enforcement acadamy and paired up with a local training officer before allowing him even a provisional commission with authority to wear a uniform and equipment.....there are a lot of unanswered questions here.


We don't know what all transpired and in many instances, we're guessing. We can only go back and look over what was going on at the time just before the murders took place and try to ascertain what changes occured within that young officer to compel him to acts of murder....especially with his whole life and career in front of him. 


Any act of violence is horrible and when it is elevated to that which takes life...almost always there are signs and signals for us to see that someone we know is about to become violent.


Only the most cruelest and calculating evil can hide impending acts of violence from us. The closer I am to you and the more I know you and care about you, the more I will know if you've changed, your personality, traits, etc.


I'll see it coming and if violence is imminant I need to speak up and do something about it...before violence occurs.


This is what will happen if I don't. If I let fear and the possibility of being ridiculed for being too 'paranoid' 'silly' or 'wanting to start trouble' than I will have chosen....made a choice, than and there at that critical ignore and forsake someone we love or are acquainted with whom has gotten into real trouble somehow and is about to make an insane mistake of monstrous proportions.


We have a duty to ourselves and to our families, to our community and the interest of justice to prevent friends and loved ones, anyone, from committing acts of violence whenever and wherever impending violence becomes a possibility. When we see it, bad as it makes us feel and yes, the damage this does to a family's prestige and well being is obvious, nevertheless, we still need to report. Far better our feelings, reputations and prestige are hurt than our fellow citizens, friends and loved ones are harmed or even killed.


I have no idea what could have been done or should have been done to stop that young man but I can't help but believe his immediate family did......and for that, I feel they ought bare some responsibility.....certaintly, they'll have to live with this for the rest of their lives.....certaintly, is punishment enough.



October 12, 2007, 12:23 am CDT

Very Well Than

Quote From: cmewin

I was not going to respond with a comment because people with opinions like yours are the ones who feed the ignorance of others.

Yes, you are permitted an opinion but opinions are like mouths, everyone has one. Just not everyone knows when to keep it shut.

Regulating guns has not made one ounce of difference in how many innocent people are killed by the stupidity of others. It is still happening everyday. There is nothing any one of us can do to change the way things are unless those of us who have children start doing better jobs of parenting and begin teaching our children the difference between right and wrong and  the value of life.  Everything comes down to free will and our ability to make the right decisions. God gave us all the ability to make the "choice". What you "choose" comes from what you are taught growing up. Too many of our children are left alone without supervision, abandoned, or learn from the examples shown by others.

So, I am not  going to take on the responsibility of being my brother's keeper or raise everyone else's child when it is a full time job tending my own family which includes a nine year old and three grandchildren.  Maybe if others tended their own "gardens"  and made sure that they were fed and weeded instead of worrying about everyone elses' then maybe we could start seeing some of the problems being solved before they take root.  Bring the Bible back to your homes/tables and into your children. As it has always been taught, "He is the Way, Truth and the Light".

I was doing pretty good with your reply...


But I could not get around this.


You said,"

I was not going to respond with a comment because people with opinions like yours are the ones who feed the ignorance of others.

Yes, you are permitted an opinion but opinions are like mouths, everyone has one. Just not everyone knows when to keep it shut.




The Christians I know do not speak to me like that whether they agree with me or not. How can you expect for me to respect you and consider your reply using that tone with me?


I agree with much of what you said, Parents are important beyond measure.


I will not accept or consider the replies of writers with bad manners.



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