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July 23, 2005, 3:09 pm CDT

Excited to be here with you...

Hello there,


I'm new and so excited to be here. 


I have lost 30lbs, but the method I was using is not good for me.  I have multiple sclerosis and was on Atkins of all things.  Not to knock Atkins way of eating, but I recently found out that I should be basically eating at 'maintenance' levels *if* I'm to stay on Atkins. 


So how will I lose if I eat maintenance level?  I won't is the answer so I'm revamping my food consumption, portions, exercising mildly due to the disability that has seemed to plauge me but my spirits are high and I am looking forward to checking in often so that we can lift each other upwards and to our goals.


Best wishes to all,



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