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October 13, 2007, 10:11 am CDT

Deadly kids

Children that display such severe disconnect in emotions, compassion, that have no care of life, only want to destroy people around them need to be receiving serious help and it should not be "Outpatient" help. They should not be allowed around average life routines and the people involved. It is obvious these children can not handle "normal" anything and to allow them to be around people, knowing that at any moment the child may "snap" is endangering all people's safety and lives and the parents will be held responsible for allowing the child ,(who has severe mental and emotional life issues that threaten the very lives of others,)to be around people and endanger them. There is nothing "normal" about children who have such a serious disconnect that threatens to kill anyone, children who make fun of anyone who gets hurt or displays any emotion, children who don't seem to have a discernment of right and wrong, good and bad.


They may never may be able to return to a "normal" life. Parents need to accept that and not feel guilty if they know they had NO involvement in anyway(abuse, drugs,ect) of their child's predictiment or lack of mental state. It is a heavy burden and the families need prayer.

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October 20, 2007, 6:31 pm CDT

10/18 Deadly Kids

Quote From: mjmksm

My family as well as many other families that attend the local elementary school have to deal with a child who shows a severe disconnect with emotions and the ability to know right from wrong.  We deal with violent outbursts on a daily basis from this child. No one is safe from him. Not even the teachers. He has attacked my son as well as other students for no apparent reason. If you walk too close to him he will punch you. If he doesn't want to participate in classroom activities, he hides underneath the desks and trips you if you walk by.  I have witnessed violent behavior towards teachers (biting, pulling handfuls of hair out....etc) and against other  students of this school. Because I work at the school during lunch hours I have had the pleasure of taking the brunt of his anger on me. This child may be small but he packs a powerful punch.  It doesn't take any effort on other peoples part to set this child's violent behavior off.   If he feels like hurting someone he will. We have been told that he has emotional problems but this is going beyond just emotions. This child should not be in a public school!


This child has been evaluated by the school district and professionals. He does receive special services through the special educaton department. He has been removed from the general population of the school from time to time but eventually he is returned to the regular classroom to resume his sociopathic  behavior.


I as well as many other parents have complained about this child but we get the brush off from the Principal and the school district. I have been  told that we must protect the rights of this child to receive an education!  What about the rights of every other child in this school to receive an education without the fear of  violent outbursts from this child? When this child does something to another child, the teachers choose to not react because this child has confrontational issues. So what kind of message is this sending the other children of the school? Whenever any other child does something wrong they are held accountable for their actions. When this child does something clearly wrong they just ignore the behavior?!!!


I am very angry with the way the school district has handled this child. I am very angry at the parents of this child who seem to take a relaxed attitude about his behavior.  This Child is NOT normal!  I am very afraid of what the future holds for all the children who attend school with this violent  child. Pulling hair and punching will probably give way to much more violent behavior as this boy grows older and larger.


I feel like my hands are tied by the school district which allows this child to stay in the school and by the parents who act like there is nothing wrong with his behavior. I feel that this child has more rights than any other child in the school. That really frustrates and angers me!  I just don't understand why this child is allowed to be around average normal people when there is clearly a problem with this child not being able to handle "normal" anything.

The school district will be held liable for allowing anyone to get hurt by that child. They clearly are aware of the child's deep and violent outbursts. The teachers are ignoring the behavior because they are 1.) afraid themselves to speak up or 2.) were told not to speak up and to deal with it. The district needs to provide tutoring at home or in a specialized school for this child. Yes, everyone has a right to an education but not at the expense of a child taking a life. I am a Daycare Director who had the most lovable boy in a class but this child feels no pain and laughs when he hurts people. He choked me, he trips kids, headbutts them, throws himself on the floor, ect. I finally asked an outsider Therapist to observe the boy in the class and she was shocked. A 5 page report was written  up and he was released from the Daycare after we had several meetings with the mother and sent her letters. She tried to sue but I documented everything. When I sent letters, made phone calls, what the child did everyday. I was called a "racist, horrible educator and let people pick on her son."  The case was dropped and eventually the mother apologized to the Board.


There are way too many parents who are in denial that there may be something wrong or that their child has an disability. In this case, I believe the parents both had learning disabilities, passed on to the children and the younger boy may have other issues but I am not a Doctor so I won't make up what I don't know. But, I do know that something is off with that child.


And the Therapist agreed with me. So, Contact the School Board, ask for an outside Doctor to be brought in to do several observations. CPS may be called because other children are getting hurt and the parents will not take precautionary measures to prevent their child from harmng others. Get the School Board involved. Let the Principal know.  Let me know what happens.


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