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January 23, 2007, 6:38 pm CST

Lost weight n dont think ill eva be happy

Hey i can totally relate to this. I recently turned 21 and have realised that no matter how thin you are, its never good enough. Its like you need to be thin to fit in.
I use to weigh 80kilos and then i lost weight because i felt like crap. But i didnt lose weight the healthy way. i stopped eating starved myself some days and then would exercise so much that i would be exhausted for work.
Now i weigh 54kilos and for my height thats average i guess. But to me its never going to be enough. And so i understand where the pressure to be thin comes from. You can finally be happy with your weight and then you see someone thinner and think well maybe if i lose a bit more weight even tho i look great now ill look even better.
Its sad that this has to go on for people of all ages not just teens. Why is it that society looks down on people who arent a size 8 or 10? In a bid to stop me wanting to lose weight my boyfriend even said if i keep losing weight he will break up with me. but unfortuantly its a disease sweeping the nation and i wont stop until im happy. even if it kills me! :)

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