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October 15, 2008, 10:57 am CDT


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m 18 ... ive never felt that .. ive never felt like having a teen spirit, the story started when i continued high school in a puplic school and their all what girls worry about is ''sex '' and getting married ! ive never had the chance to express my self free. all what ive done was trying to adapt to my friends .. ive never show what it is really behind me .. now n college it is the same over here ... nd what make it harder for me is having no guys in college too because of my major .. anyway ... the main problem i have is the feeling of lonliness and not having the chance to express myself ..what about sex ? it is really that wrong not to have sex at my age ? what should i do ?

Hey ´m 18 to and I know what your feeling, everyone at my school is talking about the same thing. I don´t feel embarassed about it, I think that it´s a great thing to not doing it. But to wait until you think and feel it is right. It is not wrong to be different.!

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