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June 10, 2007, 10:24 am CDT

Hey Girl

Quote From: lltj70

I have lost 243 lbs- had surgery to get rid of excess skin- now in debt for 20,000 and still need more surgery. Tell me if that is fair! Then I go watch the show and see someone not happy after losing 160 lbs? come on! I work out almost every day, work my butt off and pay for my own surgery and dont complain... No help from anyone excess the credit union that I will pay  the next four and a half years- am I mad? Yes, cause I will be in debt for the next ten years since I need more.

I know I'm young but girl to we in debt for ten years is to much and not fair.

I know the surgery will make you look better mybe.

But I would'nt do it. Try to found a differnt way that don't cost as much.


Good luck

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June 10, 2007, 10:30 am CDT


Quote From: ramair

Another thing Crystal needs to consider? If she gets her breasts augmented? The upkeep! Boob jobs only last so long. Then, they have to be redone. Often, routinely. Every five to ten years. If not sooner.

Crystal don't do it. They only last so long.

But you have to get them redone. You should

feel good about what you have.

Good luck!


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