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September 22, 2007, 10:15 am CDT

Cranky kids

Quote From: karleen345

I don't want to brag, however I raised 4 children by myself. Each one is succesful in their own right. My oldest son is a police officer, my 2nd oldest son is a supervisor for a large contracting business, my daughter is a licensed barber and my youngest son is a firefighter/paramedic.


Parents today feel their children should not be hit. I agree with that to a point. . THERE IS A  HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DISAPLINNING A CHILD and abusing them!


A smack on their behind works wonders! I did not use cruel and unsual punishment with my children, however they knew I meant business and would not stand for talking back, throwing things at me (or anyone for that manner and I would NEVER stand for a child callng me names and/or tellng me what to do!


Wake up all you parents out there.....start displinning your children and they will respect your rules!!

I agree with this message.

A little spank on the behind every now and then works. Plus put them in time out.

You can also expain to them why they got a spanking or put in time out.

Parents need to let the child know they are in charge.

Parents want tobe friends with their child. You can't do that. It doesn't work.


Parents need to show tough Love to their kids. I now its hard but it can be done.!!!!

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October 15, 2007, 8:05 pm CDT

Raising grandchild

I'm sad to see that so many of us grandparents are having to raise our grandchildren.

I'm a grandmother of three and 1 on the way. My husband and I are raising his youngest son's little boy because his parents were into drugs.We just got his mother's parental rights taken away from her. She got to where she no longer wanted anything to do with Caden.

Once she got her SSI money she stopped her visitation's. His father was willing to sign over his rights to the Court back in June 2007.

We've now finally got to start the adoption process.

We've had Caden in our home for over a year and a half.

Caden calls me mom and grandpa is papa.

I'm thankful that we've got Caden. But I wish his parents could've raised him. He's a 21/2 very full of energy . But he's worth it.

Who's going to raise the next generation of grandkids?

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October 28, 2007, 7:47 am CDT

wrong choices women and men make

I happen to disagree with women that have baby's out of wedlock and happen to sleep around with several men. nless you truly know who the father is don't make just one of the men pay childsupport for he baby. The women needs to find all the men she slept with an have a DNA test done. Then go after the real father.

Don't trap the wrong father into paying for a child that isn't their's.


Doesn't this world have enough problems without children being hurt because of stupid choices that women and men make!


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