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September 26, 2005, 9:52 am CDT

alternative methods work!!!

when our now 23 year old son was nine, he was "diagnosed" by his teacher as "hyperactive"!  The school social worker, without consulting us, had decided he had ADD and wanted to place him on ritalin.  My husband and I were called in for a meeting and told this.  We chose not to medicate, and instead completely changed his diet.  Two weeks later, I was called by his teacher and asked what had we done because he was a totally different child.  We were told by the social worker, we were abusive parents because we refused to medicate.  I look at the many teenagers who are two and three medications, which started with ritalin. does not work.  It may subdue the child, but it only leads to other problems later.  Many teens suffer from depression and social issues because they have been overmedicated.  The average American is on eight prescriptions! 

How can this be???? Because instead of dealing with issues, we take the easy path, and take a pill.  But this is not a solution, it only creates another problem!! 


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