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November 28, 2006, 1:17 pm CST

Kaylee truly needs Help

It looks as if outside intervention needs to come into play on this situation.  I Feel that Jeremy is a threat to his child.  I think that Mom and Grandma have good intentions, however, are burning more bridges than they can cross with authorities.  That in itself is a bad situation for Kaylee.


Truly i feel and I know this isnt the solution, but if i were in their shoes... My daughter and I would have already gone underground.   Under NO circumstances would I allow her to be victimized again, by a man who truly is sick. People know about this syndicate and every state have supporters... Its just finding them.  I think the judge and authorities should maybe do a little research about people who are mentally unstable (I.E. Manic Depressant, Bi-polar etc..) to begin with and sexual abuse of children OR any behavior that is not appropriate, and see if there is a link between the 2.  They might be suprised at what they find. 

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January 26, 2008, 6:31 am CST

Baggy Pants debate

This is dead in the water, Why? Because even though this dress style is worn by whites, blacks, hispanics etc.. because the authorities want to try to protect the american public, it gets turned into a racial issue.  The contention will be that all the other people stole thier clothing idea and because of it, it gives them a "license" to profile.. That the "man" is opressing them once more with One more thing to add to thier list.


Poppy cock!!!!!!  as  a White, working class FEMALE, I am 2x more likely to be discriminated against in this country.  I am of Scotch/Irish decent and cannot take pride in my heritage, If I do I am thrown in with biggots and idiotic hood wearing fools, and am called a racist for doing so.  The Double standard has got to go.  Trying to be fair across the board is being thrown out the window, because a select few want to feel persecuted as their ancesters were so that they can preserve the special treeatment they so often get in this country for throwing out the race card. Its rediculous! Wake up.


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