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November 28, 2006, 4:26 am CST

dont give up!

Quote From: kelseym127

I'm extremely obese and I can't seem to lose any weight. I'm a girl and I weight 119 pounds. I've been trying to lose weight for a few months, and I can't get anywhere below 119. No matter how much I try, nothing ever changes.

you just cant give up!im 22 and used to be so overweight. i was the fatty, chubby and short. i had given up coz i had tried all the diets and weight loss formulas in the market.then i discovered one great lesson, there are no short-cuts when it comes to lossing weight!its all about hard work!i started eating healthy ang going to the gym.i've now moved from size 14 to a sexy size 6. so dont give up!
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November 28, 2006, 4:42 am CST

what a family!

Quote From: kmorrisel

Something is missing from this whole story.  The dad is for sure "off" with an abusive childhood of his own, bipolar, and a liking for young girls.  Bonii is "off" in her own special ways with her controling ways and passing out fliers and picketing and websites.  CPS and the judge seem "off" from the stand-point that all the mom is asking for is supervised visitation. 


Surely they know that they MIGHT be wrong, and that Kaylee could be telling the truth...  even if they feel it's a slim possibility.  What is at risk?  On one hand a father might not have full visitation with his daughter for no reason than a lie.  On the other hand, a little girl might be saved from being abused.  That's not even a close call!  And Jeremy knows now that CPS and the judge are biased against the ladies...  if he is molesting Kaylee, he's now being emboldened to continue.  He has a free pass to molest because Bonii acts like a nut. 


By the way, CPS is not called to do a job in ideal, clear cut situations only.  They are suppose to work through the craziness and protect children.  (It IS called CHILD Protective Services, right, not Parent Protective Services?)  If a child is not protected from an abuser, and CPS misses it because of nutty people involved, that is not a pass of blame for CPS.  They still failed to do their job, despite having a difficult case.  And the unprotected child will definitely see it that way.


One thing is for sure though:  Kaylee will get older and more believable.  Eventually all will be revealed by Kaylee herself on who is doing wrong.  Either she will be incredibly pissed and damaged for having no time with her father and being made to accuse him of lies, OR she will be incredibly pissed and damaged by the fact that her dad abused her and CPS did NOTHING to stop it.  The truth will come out sooner or later.  The sad part is that either way she will be damaged, and that is an absolute shame.  This little girl has virtually no hope of doing any better than either of her parents, and will probably wind up pregnant at 15, 3 kids by 21, living at home with Bonii, repeating the same abuse and manipulation for her kids.  FOR SHAME!


My advice, for what it's worth:  The mom needs to get the hell away from Bonii AND FAST!!!  Cuz Bonii doesn't have sense enough to know she's clouding the issue and making the issue less and less about Kaylee and more and more about Bonii.  Get the focus back on Kaylee.  And every time Kaylee has a mark or sore spot or a complaint, it needs to be documented even if CPS rolls their eyes or yells and screams.  Too bad.  That's their job.  In the meantime, let's all pray that CPS is right, and Kaylee is just a pawn for feuding families.    (Like that isn't horrible in it's own right!)

i cant describe how saddening this story is!who is telling the truth here?everyone ,jeremy,bonii,krista,they all seem to have agendas. and im really upset that kaylee is now a pawn and her family is forgeting something here, to protect that litle girl, JUST in case she is being none can ever know the pain of being molested unless they have ever been molested. please,lets not take chances here.kaylee is precious, innocent and needs to be protected at all costs. dr.phil, im appealing to you-pls help that little girl. her parents are grown ups who can resolve their issues!

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