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December 3, 2006, 10:56 am CST


i was shocked when i saw this, but for some odd reason, i felt connected mainly to sarah,it' was a weird kind of connection though, one that i felt like i loved her and needed to be there for her..... she reminded me so much of my Ex girlfriend Anna,we did the same stuff, Anna would prostitute and buy drugs on a daily basis and i played a role in this, i would get high with her, and mainly be her "pimp" but then i got arrested for posession, and got sentenced to 6 months in prison......when i got out, it was life changing, i was over the drugs, even though i still felt the need sometimes, but when i went to find Anna, (my ex) i heard she had been sent to the hospital a few months ago and that no one had seen her since. So basically, when i found out where she was, the hospital told me that she had passed away a while ago from drug overdose. Thats when it really hit me, im so glad that these girls have a chance to get there life together, i just wish that Anna would have got a second chance too, R.i.P AnNa <3

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