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November 24, 2006, 4:34 am CST

Safeguarding Your Kids from Internet Predators

Quote From: ellestars

Most girls do not sit there and look for someone to come abduct them. If a girl is talking to a 'suspicious' person online she is missing something in life. Most girls who talk to unknowns are single, affectionate, and need personal attention from someone (and apparently aren't getting it). If it were my child, I would be monitoring their online use and not allowing them to have their own 'private' accounts until they come of age or when I think they are responsible enough to do so. Children need supervision. However, exposing them to what sex predators can do is important. Talk to them about the dangers and keep them aware of what else they can do.
 I feel the need to address several issues in this post!

first let me state I am a Pet/Sub and have been a live in 24/7 pet for over 12 years of my life I have met both bad and good people throughout this time andhave these experiences to back me up.

first off I agree with the last poster to this thread if she is looking for an "Owner" or "Master" it is because she is missing something in her life in my case I had two drunks for parents who never gave me the time of day. Not to stay her parents are bad but showing my reasoning behind why I choose this lifestyle.

You say she has a learning disability I want to make something quite clear doctors label things often times more often then anyone would like with incorect labeling. I have ADHD now they call it a learning disability however I want this to be made very clear it is NOT a learning disability as a disability means something you cant overcome and in my case it meant simply having a different way to learn with ADHD you cannot be taught by others you need to be shown and left to learn on your own ADHD indivules on average have higher IQ's then most and incredible Spacial skills.

her Immaturity does not stem form her so called disability but from her not being exposed to the hard realities of the world so she is on the right path in this regard.

that said yes there are Monsters out there I met one in the UK he locked me in a room for over a month with the intent to sell me but I managed to get to a computer and get assitance from the local police... did I learn from this mistake you betcha! caution is your friend and I will outline some things you should do to be safe and what your children should be taught and its kept me safe.

now of foremost importance she already has met them and they are obviously interested in her shes old enough to be an adult no matter what you say but I suggest talking with her and teling her you accept her lifestyle choicesbut you want to make certain shes safe tell her youd like to talk to or meet the people in question.. then go meet them address your concerns with them make sure they play safe and have safe words and if they choose to take her in permanetly ask them to draw up a contract... now contract you say? well a contract in short is made between a pet and an owner for several reasons. 1) it outlines what an Owner can and cannot do to a pet very important! 2) It has an out clause for the pet often with money and/or a bus ticket to get her back home 3) it legaly protects both the pet and the Owner from the actions of the other.

I can not state enough how important a properly drawn up contract that has been taken to or done with a lawyer present is and if they refuse the contract then they are not to be trusted!

if you find the home to be safe and sensual meaning she will be safe there then let her be she will learn a great many things and its not easy being a fulltime pet often or not most pets leave the lifestyle after a few months to a year worth of exposure and never return because its not for them.

If she does stick it out good for her Ive had owners pay for my schooling, my dental and health, made sure I always had food and anything I needed but made sure I earned it by doing my job and as a pet its your job to keep your Owner happy or to console them in a time of need also not every Owner looks for sex many do for the simple fact that its a part of life its hardwired into us and as long as it stays safe there isn't anything to worry about.

now after having said all that I must put out a warning!

about 90% of the people on are frauds! then number has grown in the past year or so but there are still good people out there... the blessing is that most of the fakes will not go past internet and phone interactions as all they want is attention and often or not stripping infront of a camera so it should be instilled in everyone that a good Owner will not ask for nude photos or ask for you to strip on camera or give them phone sex a good owner will want to get to know you comfortably and over a period of time meet you in real life....

ok very -=( IMPORTANT!!!! )=-

Meeting somone for the first time is one of the most scary/nervracking experiences! and can be one of themost dangerous so I will give some rules for those potential people who want to meet an Owner for there first time..

1) setup a meeting at a very social place such as a coffee shop make sure there are people present

2) have a cell phone on you and have it ready to call 911 incase you need it have it tucked away out of site but someplace you could easily access it even if you cant talk in it just make sure you can dial it this gives yourself a lil more confidence which will fend off the squeamish preditors and will give you a certain amount of protection incase you decide to go someplace else with the individule in question.

3) ask your Owner lots of questions if they are not ready to answer your questions and just want you to go home with them then dont go this is a big warning sign as a good owner will want you to feel safe and want you to know about them.

4) watch them if they seem nervous and look around a lot this is also a very abd sign and its time to move on.

5) you feel your ready to go home with your new Owner but dont tell him you wish to meet like this atleast two more times and keep up your contact if they push dont go

These steps help weed out sexual pretitors but are not 100% fool proof use your judgement listen to the content in your communications with your potential owner dont let him tell you what you want to hear listen for what he really wants from you!

these rules apply also to internet dating there are a lot of frauds out there and lets weed them out get them bored of there lifestyle choices lets keep the honest people out there and clean up the net. BTW everything Ive said is common sense use your Brain!

Remember for every Bad person out there there is a Good one and Ive been lucky to have some very loving Families take me in and I would not trade my experiences even the bad ones for the world they are an intergeral part of who I am....

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