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January 13, 2007, 5:14 pm CST

01/19 Young Moms Ask the Experts

I have been married for almost 6 years but my husband and I are having a problem. I did one of dr. phil's relastionship tests and my result was "EMOTIONAL DIVORCE" which I would say is right. I have tried so many things, I've taken advice from friends and family and have tried doing the stuff in dr phil's books but nothing seems to be working and I really need to talk to someone.

As I said my husband and I have been married for almost 6 years but we've been together for 12. The problem I think we are having is if something I have done bothers him he will not say anything or try and discuss it but instead he will sulk. He will not speak to me at all (this can go on from 2 weeks to much longer, at the moment the record is 12 weeks) If I ask him what's wrong he becomes more cold towards me. He becomes rude, abrupt has no repesct for me , puts me down when people are around especially his family and all of this happens in front of our 5 year old son. everytime this happens when he does finally decide he wants to talk he tells me what's his problem the last time it was I need to be more organised, coz he hated coming from work to hear our son nag or cry he was hungry because the food wasn't ready. Ever since that discussion he has never come home (not even once) to find that happen coz I have changed for him and our family and make sure the food is cooked before i pick our son up from school. And everytime we have a discussion whatever problem he has with me hardly ever comes up because I do my best to change my bad habits to make him and my son happy, but every single time I ask him to come straight to me if he has a problem because I can not handle the silent treatment from him and I  don't  think my son deserves to live in those conditions as I am afraid he will become that way when he grows up and I am afraid he will disrespect me and women in general because I know my son love me but I also know he tries to plaese his father because he doesn't get the attention he should from him. How can I get through to my husband I see the same thing with his parents and just can't stand to think that, that is our life toghether. I just need someone to talk to or if you've been the same situation and can offer some help then please reply my message.


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