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November 7, 2006, 6:22 am CST

10 year old

Quote From: denisewagg

I am the mother of a 10 year old boy diagnosed with aspergers.  After thousands of dollars in doctor bills and coutless hours at specialists offices we finally have a name for what ails him.  It is a very confusing time for us.  His emotions are out of control and his negative vocal behavior is very hard to cope with.  I am wondering about other families and this condition, and what has been the most helpful.  We live in a small town and access to workshops or seminars on a regular basis is almost impossible.  His school is helping alot but funding for the teachers on workshops for this is limited.  I really would appreciate anyone's story and some of the action rewards or otherwise helps them. 


Thank you in advance

I am the mother of an 11 year old also diagnosed with AS since the age of 6.  I have been to doctor after doctor, have spent money that I do not have.  His behavior is now out of control and I am at a loss of where to turn too next.  The worst thing I believe that has happened to my wee boy is that he was placed in a special education program for children with behavioral problems early on in school...I have been in touch with MAAP (VERY HELPFUL RESOURSE) and have just recently been made aware that these types of programs are by far the worst place that a child with AS could be placed, it's like placing the victim with victimizers, because AS children are so literal, they are products of their own environment, this then becomes learned behavior from children with violent tendancies. I fully believe that the school has good intentions to help him but are not educated enough to deal with these children and are not all sympathic with what is going thru their little minds, I'm told practically on a daily basis, that he has to follow the "rules", or he will be placed in ISS (in-school suspension), a regualr main stream classroom is not the place for a child with AS, they  have to be transitioned into these types of environments.  So when he does have a meltdown, he is punished for it.  Not taking into consideration his medical condition that he shouldn't even be in there in the first place.  My little boy is a bright, intelligent individual but because of his AS, it is now affecting his academics. 


I desperatly need help in finding a resource that will help me place him into the correct educational program.


Kind Regards


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