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October 23, 2006, 8:03 pm CDT

gastric bypass

Ijust wanted to say i had gastric bypass 22months ago and it was the best thing i ever did i was obese all my life and am now a healthy 120 happy mother of four i believe this surgery can work for anybody but you must do your reaserch you must get educated on the different procedures there are serveral and you must learn how to eat for life the surgery isnt easy the changes have different intensitys for everbody i cant stress how important it is to do your reaserch on you dr. and if you dr doesnt do a batery of test before hand or requier you to take a nutrition class

 i would question his real knolage of the surgery also i believe this surgery isnt the reasons marriages breek up there has to be underlying problems my husband and i have been togeather 11 years and it has made our relationship better because now i am a more active role and he has been very supportive also there are ways to get insurenc to pay if you want more info or support you can go to i hope i have helped sombody with my rant it can and will save your life if you get educated and resurch your decison   

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October 23, 2006, 8:14 pm CDT

good luck

Quote From: louisianamom

My husband is scheduled for a laparoscopic gastric bypass on November 2, 2006.  He is excited but nervous.  He has been wanting this for about 5 years, but his insurance did not cover it until recently.  I am a little nervous also.  This will change our whole lifestyle.  Our form of entertainment is going out to ourselves or with friends.  We have been married for 12 years (together for 15) and I have never known him thin.  I just wonder how this is going to change our relationship.  Any advice would be welcomed.
dont worry it will be fine he will be going through alot of changes very quickly and he will need alot of support  and understanding help to make the right food choices and have fun with it my husban invented what he likes to call OH SH-T MOMENTS thoes are moments when youve lost enough weight to do things normal people take for granet like ie.. touch your toes or tie your shoes or walk without being wended big people are so traped just living is hard well i hope iv helped ease your feer and if you need to chat you can email me good luck 

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