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January 6, 2007, 5:34 pm CST

Moochers need to grow up!

 I have an ex-brother-in-law who is 50 and still lives at home.  He was married briefly and then moved back.  He has never held down a full-time job - but he's "got deals almost put together that will make him millions" all the time.  He has drained most of his siblings' willingness to loan him money.  He pays no room and board to Mom and Dad - who are in their late 70's - yet Mom does his laundry and cooks his meals.  Who knows how he pays his chiild support!  People like this absolutely sicken me and I really feel sorry for the family members who love these people so desperately that they continue to support them.  For the most part, they're terrified that their loved ones will end up homeless and yet they have to be kicked out tough-love style in order to learn how to stand on their own two feet.  The ones who need love and support through this process are the parents/siblings who are enabling the moochers.

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