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October 13, 2006, 9:44 am CDT

Keep Your Head Up

I have a 7 year old little boy who has a PDD (PervasiveDevelopmentalDisorder). Thats the generalized catagory(for lack of a better word) for developmental disabilities. Specifically he is autistic. When my son was originaly diagnosed it was by a state funded org. his doctor sent to us. They came and evaluated him in our home to keep things comfy for him. He never minded any of it. I've always felt that my son is actually getting a BETTER education than "normal" kids because of all the one on one attention he gets with his teachers, aides, and therapists. My best friend also has a little boy with autism and he gets star treatment too imho.


Your best option is to contact your state gov. and find out what they can offer you. I know it can vary from state to state but most have excellent education programs for kids with special needs. However i am going to humbly suggest that if your home currently is really rural you may have some difficulties with travel times. I will say though that our state has provided my son ALL his school transportation thus far and has been very responsible about it. 


You can find TONS of information online about PDD's and everything that comes with them. I recommend you start with WebMD and learn the medicals first. Thier links are also very informative. When my son was first diagnosed i tried to fight my denial by learning about the conditions of PDD's and ended up educating myself for my sons ultimate benefit. I highly recommend the personal ego boost ( =) ), you'll feel so much better once you totaly understand everything. Doctors dont always remember that we're not doctors too so it helps to already know about it.


Lastly hun, never forget that your child really is 'special' because only God can decide which of us will be strong enough to bear it. Kids with disabilities are the most loving, tender hearted, gentle, and yes, intelligent people i'll ever meet in my life. Be proud darlin and don't let the tough times get you down, you've got the privilege of raising a child that will love the world and everyone in it like no one else you'll ever meet.


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