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October 2, 2006, 4:25 am CDT

Black Sheep!

I have always considered myself as the black sheep, mainly becuase I had a father who not only abused my physically as a child but mentally as an adult.  He even went as far as to leave me out of his will when he passed, and claimed I was not his daughter.  That is one reason I do believe anyone can overcome anything the choose to do so, I've never blammed my parents for any of the wrong turns I made in life, even though I had a child to a man I was not married to and left him when my son was 6 months old, nor my divorce from my 1st husband who abused me.  My sister(s) and brother have little to do with me, and I've only been close to my little sister, who was not raised by my father.  My mother is the greatest talk about a black sheep, she has had NO ONE, no family except for her 4 children, and has overcome a nightmare after being married to my father,  and being left without a father and mother (she has never laid eyes on her mother).  Her father too left her out of his will but acknowledge she was his daughter, if it was not for my great grandmother, aunt and uncle she would have been an orphan.  So anyone can be a black sheep what counts in life is what you do and the people who care about you are just around the corner.  Look around and stop blamming everyone sometimes there is more to life and happiness than family who turns their back on you. 


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