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September 29, 2006, 6:37 am CDT

Not my choice ,but still a black sheep!!!!

I never considered myself a black sheep but simply became one after picking the wrong man and then divorce my brothers made me out to be the black sheep they dont want anything to do with me I live this poor life raising my two boys 15 and 18 did it all by myself I have never done anything my brothers accused me of........ they live this "RITZY" life with their wifes that cheat on them , but that is ok, THEY GOT MONEY and so that makes me a poor no good looser........well I have not spoke to them in 8 years since MOM passed away.  I go on with my "POOR"life and they will  be the sorry ones ,because they lost a sister (one sister) only sister.where they can have many wifes. but that 's their choice....I came to a point that I don't care to ever see them again .

They never helped me ever since a little kid I always tended for myslf , they were abusive and did not care about me. now the tables are turned and when they gat old and dying I will not be there.

I am so angry at them and their wifes I'm speechless.One day maybe I would love to bring them to DR Phil show just to tell them off.


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