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October 1, 2006, 4:37 pm CDT

10/03 Ask Dr. Phil and Robin


It seems that the media loves to give glory and honor to extremists and I am disappointed that Dr. Phil decided to join in.  The show on online relationships seemed to be really focused on Nigeria.  There is no denying that some  extremist Nigerias are taking advantage of women online, however the same is happening right here in America. Why were there no examples of  Americans doing the very same thing?

 In addition, the reporter from London that said  it is very common for women to be raped and people murdered should  make sure he knows what he is talking about!   A person living in urban America is more likely to be murdered than anywhere in Nigeria. For the most part, there are normal, decent, Christ loving human beings in Nigeria, and anyone who has taken the time to visit, travel  or read about the country would know not to report such absurd information.


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