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September 27, 2006, 11:55 am CDT

Thanks for getting it started

Quote From: specdad

So, 1000+ posts in the stay at home mom section, and none here.  Well okay, I must say, I kinda like the idea of being the first one here.  So, here we go.  I am a stay at home dad.  Seems that's pretty rare, especially by the number of posts in this section.  I've been told I'm doubly-rare in that I'm a stay at home dad with a little boy (just turned 2 this week, by the way) who has Down Syndrome.  It was decision that my wife and I made, and we are comfortable with.  When our baby was born, granted, it was no walk in the park.  There were birth defects and surgies (stomach at 3 days old, and open heart at 6 weeks), but you can hardly tell now.  Like I said, he's 2, and Down Syndrome or not, a 2 yo is still a 2 yo.  Yeah, raising a Downs child isn't easy.  It requires alot of paitience and understanding.  Teaching a child takes on a whole new level (including sign language, detailed oral communication skills, grooss motor skill development, and fine motor skill development).

But I digress, I rant, when merely I just wanted to get something started here, and say hello to everyone.



I am so happy that you started posting on here, I to am a fellow stay at home dad.  I am very proud of you for the things you have done for your family.   I believe you will do a great job fathering your child.  My son is now 9 y.o. and we are planning on having another child in the next year or two, keeping the fingers crossed.  My wife would like to concentrate on her career and our family.    I just wanted everyone here to know there are more stay at home dads every day.  And hopefully the father figures will realize that we make a great parents and such a great influence on childrens lives.

Thank you for reading and Have a great day!


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