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September 22, 2006, 7:36 pm CDT

Adult Children Living at Home

About a month ago my husband and I let my step-daughter that is 19 move back in with us (she has gone from her mother to boyfriend and to us for the past 2 years) she has been in trouble with the law and has also been a stripper before she came here to live.  She came here over a month ago and thankfully she has gotten a job (a very nice one at that)  anyways now that she is an adult are there still rules and regulations that she needs to follow while she is under our roof? How long do we allow her to stay to "get on her feet"? Do we charge her any rent? We have arranged for her to have a car, do we continue to help by paying her insurance? Do we allow her to eat our groceries or do we make her buy her own? Does she help pay bills? I have so many questions and would really like to have some help.


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