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September 21, 2006, 10:00 am CDT

The Death of My 6 Year Old Grandson

In June of this Year I Received The Phone Call No One Wants To Get... It Was My Son Hardly Able To Get The Words Out. The Words That Changed My Life Forever.... Mom, We Lost Devon....Devon Is My Daughters Child...There Are No Words To Describe The Feelings You Go Through.....No Words At All...My Beautiful 6 Year Old Grandson Was Gone., In Just A Blink Of An Eye....It Was a Freak Accident, In His Own Front Yard..Not Only Do I Have The Heartbreak Of Losing My Grandson, But To See The Pain My Daughter, Son In Law , Grandson, Son, Daughter, Husband and All The Family That Loved Devon So Much, Have To Live With Every Single Moment Of Their Being, Is so Unbearable....Knowing The Horror The Night of The Accident, Trying So Hard To Revive Him.....I CAN'T FIX THIS, And Its Killing Me...Devon Was A Beautiful Little Boy Inside And Out...He Was a Kind, Gentle, Caring, Little Boy That Always, Out Of No Were, Tell You "I Love You"...And Even Would Say, You Are In My  Heart...Do He Know Something None Of Us Did.....I Am So Sad, How Do You Get Through All The Heart Break and How Do I Help The Ones I Love......Please Visit Devons Memorial Website at

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