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January 13, 2007, 9:23 pm CST

mom to 4 kids/2 seperate familys

hi, well im an older mom but i have teenagers and young kids, id like to ask the experts how do i retrain my daughter to use the bathroom instead of her underwear. she even sees a therapist for this. she was trained at 2.5 but now refuses to use the bathroom for a bowel movement and would rather just walk around in it, nothing has worked. i know that some kids regress when a sibling comes along but he will be 2 in march so i dont think thats the problem anymore. im at my wits end with this. she soiled 3 new pair of underwear today, we have put her in pull ups but they are to expensive. we have done what the therapist suggested and not a darn thing is working. so if any experts have any ideas let me know.. ive done the charts, rewards etc.... thanks

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