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September 20, 2006, 5:14 pm CDT

Way not me

 It would seem that i have all of the good qaulity that most of women of today looking for, but some odd reson it in the wrong body and color. I do not date much, but I like to, and friendship with women to be as far it goes. I never ther type and to nice of guy be with. Women like tobe with men who treat them badly or lie to them. I had a women claim that there was no good looking, nice men around, it my face. That must tell me that I not good looking nor nice, or have a chance in hell with her. I have friend that i meet this summer, she very nice out going and fine a wine. We hanged out together just friends, she even let me know that she does not have ever date a black guy. But did not make it a issues. It just try be her friend, we hanged out had dinner every night and talked, and watch Sex in the City on T.V.. She was planing to go home to visted and asked me come along, I said yes. Will we want to home and she show me everything about family her friend. Will after that week grow closer to and what more than friendship. I do not what to make friends, I what more then that. How I,am going to that?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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