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September 20, 2006, 8:29 am CDT


Im In a Interracial relationship and its wonderful.   I have a beautiful daughter who is just getting more and more beautiful each and every day.  My husband is from Kenya (which is in Africa).  He is the most wonderful husband anyone could ever ask for a wonderful dad as well.  The thing is when he talks to black americans they say he "acts  white".  How can someone act white???  I mean if speaking proper english and having manners is "acting white" then what is "acting black?"     Like he isnt black enough or something its not cool to make people feel like that.   He also doesnt like it when black americans say there african american because they really are not african at all he is.  They are americans.   I think when everyone in this country starts realizing that we are all americans not anything hypenated then it will be alittle better place to live.



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