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October 2, 2006, 10:47 am CDT

Panic/Anxiety disorder (lack of money)

     I am a senior 70+ woman who was so fearful, I became a 'refinance junky' after 'a scam' about tax deferment left me with few funds but a house. (I gained after 34 years as an airline stew. and resell of a home for 3 times what I paid) My fears took over.   There was no mortgage broker who couldn't make 'a deal' 11 times!!!   I simply didn't realize what I was doing 'no sense of reality' as the psychiatrist said. I have medication now.  I was afraid I would die. I find myself in the unreal world of massive debt, and little money for mort. payments. I'm sure no pity from anyone. But  I am needy and desparate, and will do anything to survive.  I feel because I have made all these mistakes, I  don't deserve to be helped. But I never lose hope, and faith in God.  Thank you for being there.   Audrey 










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