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September 18, 2006, 4:26 pm CDT

Don't Agree

On the show I just watched, you had a white girl wanting to be with a black man that is in prison for killing her brother. She needs to stop and look at what she is doing. Men in prison are con artist and very good at telling you what you want to here. Yes I am talking from experience. My friend and I both married men that where in prison for various charges. They promise the world and protest they have found God. But just wait, they get out and within six months to a year they are back locked up. So the girl in the show needs to wise up and walk away. If nothing else for the respect she should show to her deceased brother. The guy in prison is a loser. Good people do not murder others. She stated she had children, where is her respect for them. Interracial relationships are ok for some, but when there are already children and then it being someone from prison. Then please tell her to run the other way.

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