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September 17, 2007, 7:46 am CDT

Are you kidding?

It's not wrong because of the age difference or because he is your son's friend, although both of those are valid considerations. You should especially consider that your son is probably terribly embarrassed by you. This relationship is wrong because of his age. HE IS A CHILD for God's sake. An 18-yr old male is still a child by any stretch of the imagination. He maybe cannot even recognize that this is wrong but you are a grown woman and should be able to walk away. Be a grown up and forget about this. This same situation happened in my family and it resulted in the birth of a child, break up of a family and marriage,  and eventual  2nd marriage for the woman. The 2 older kids from the previous marriage have been irreparably damaged due to the grown woman in the situation not being able to act like a grown-up.

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