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September 4, 2006, 8:30 pm CDT


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i did not know that depression runs in families. My mom was fine, but not my aunts. I thought I just had really bad PMS. I told my OBGYN that I just felt like one day driving off the edge of the freeway. He had his nurse walk me to the therapist office. He called ahead and they just opened the door and let me in.  After that episode I was sent to a psych(SP?) I have learned a lot since then and the most important thing I needed to realize is that mental illness is just like diabetes or high blood pressure. It's something wrong with the chemicals in your brain. Just like some have problems with thier blood. Go to a reputable Dr., I do take a pill everyday, but i feel pretty good. He also taught me an important lesson about we women....we must learn to take "Me Time". I think of it like a menu. Some days I only get an appetizer ( bath), sometimes and entree(dinner with the girls) Find out what works for you...but definitly talk to a Dr. Stay Cool
May I ask what your symptoms were associated with your PPD?  I am a new mom as well--he'll be 11 months here soon.  I am not sure what is "wrong" with me but I sometimes explode.  I feel as though my head spins like that of the Exocist.  I keep thinking that all I need is some alone time, but I'm beginning to wonder is there is something more to  it.  Thank you for sharing anything that may help me decide what "it" is.

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