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September 13, 2008, 5:37 pm CDT

10 More Pounds Let's Do it!!!!

Hi everyone I'm 46 and 5'0 so weight shows up on me every pound!! I in the last 5 months have lost 34 pounds and thrilled however would love to lost the last 10 to reach my goal... I have a sit down job which of course doesn't help matters but I've lost all this weight by just simply watching what I eat and keeping track in a online journal what I eat and of course counting my calories. I drink a lot of green tea which I happen to love anyways and truly thinks it helps it sure can't hurt.

Would love to find others to email with and research with and simply just to get there last 10 pounds off :)
Me and a girlfriend also use to to email each other every night what we've eaten for the day that really kept me in check lol knowing that I would have to tell her.. Well she's off her diet she's a yo-yo dieter so looking for some other peeps to keep these pounds coming off...

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