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September 3, 2005, 10:59 am CDT


Hello, I am a seventy year old woman and I have so many phobias. I am embarrassed for people to know how many I have .About 8 years ago I had a serious break down , all from stress.I have a good husband that helps me with lots of things , but he wants to stay home and watch tv . I think I should be getting out .I don't want to go out , not ever to visit my family or friends. I can't go to the mall because my legs get so weak and I can't see down the mall and I feel as if I am going to fall.I can;t even go out for my walks any more . I always went for a 30 minute walk every morning, now I try , my husband did go with me twice , but he does not like to walk and the farther away I get from home I get so weak .I was in a deep dark pit when I had my break down and I am afraid I am going there again.i want to go out but I am always afraid and feel I can't wait to get back home.I feel terrible but as soon as I get home I feel better. I love  shopping ,but have not been out to a mall in about 2 months.I want my live back ,but don't know how to get it back.I can't wait to go to bed at night  although I stay up as long as I can and when I wake up in the morning the first thing I think about  is how am I going to feel today .I have a good husband , but he has taken over my live and sometimes I think he is happy that I don't want to go any place because I don't drive and if I stay home that means he does not have to take me places.I worry about everything and am afraid of everything, I really mean I am terrified of everything , you  name it ,I am afraid , I am even sitting in the back seat of the car now  when we do go any place.I could go on and on ,I feel so sorry for anyone that has this problem . Thank you for listing .  


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