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September 17, 2006, 3:34 pm CDT

Be the Kind One

Revenge does not win!!!!What goes around comes around......It takes more guts to think good thoughts instead of trying to hurt someone....I have been divorced for 26 years and to this date- my ex-husband has not spoken to me ////.He has been remarried several times and hopefully his present wife can help him.  I have closed the door for several years but what really continues to hurt the does not respect me enough to acknowledge that we did raise two children that are adults now and the grandchildren are a little bit confused on the reactions of his bitterness toward me.  I think he is so bitter toward me that he does not see what he is doing to the family.   I honestly feel sorry for him but since he continually ignores me at at birthday parties- sport activities- etc...I speak but he walks off.....I refuse to be that ugly to anyone....God loves me and I still pray for me enemies...I only hope my grandchildren understand......Joyce from Lil Ranch in Texas

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