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April 26, 2007, 1:25 pm CDT

obsessive love?

I thought I had seen it all..this guy is nuts and she needs to get out of this so called marriage.  I realize that she does not have any money, and no family support...but pack up and "get out" because this does not look could only get worse.  Get a lawyer and then think about the children.  I just mentioned to my husband as we were viewing the show today that I think we are the odd balls living in a nut shell - because we are happily married and are still in love with each other after 43 years. 
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September 22, 2007, 3:20 pm CDT

opinionated grandma

Quote From: peggytomlin

Dear Dr. Phil,I really don't understand these parents today! These people are having children and without any thought about the responesibility of what this means. Today we are letting the children decided what is best for them instead of the other way around. childern really in all honesty want the parents to step up to the plate! but we as people think that we need technology to do for them what our parents did for us! Dr. Phil go hard on this one If we as a nation don't start taking back control of what we create then things are only going to get worse! Please don;t think for one minute that I am not aware of what I am saying, I myself but my on son in prison for wrong doing. You see as a parent what kind of mother would I be if I didn;t save my on son Hell he didn't know what was right at the time he didn't know is ass from a whole in the wall! I love my childern with all my heart but I also know I am their mother not their buddy! thank you so much for all you do for all of us that can't seem to get it straight. Peggy Tomlin

I am not sure how parents are going to handle their children as they get older if they cannot handle them now!  It bothers me when one parent says no and the child looks at the other parent and (she) says it is OK..what message is that sending to the child.  This child can work both of his parents really smooth; knows just what button to push.  I have often watched when Dr. Phil said things about child rearing - and I sit there and say, I did that even when everyone said I was being too harsh or they were too little to understand.  I replied, no way!  If they knew when to say "NO" to something, they were old enough to be disciplined.  I can't believe how many things I did that were right - Dr. Phil confirmed so many of these things on his show talking to parents.  If parents were stronger in there discipline, we would have more polite children.



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