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April 14, 2007, 12:06 pm CDT

If I were that Grandma .....

I would have reported Grandpa, DUMPED him, and done anything and everything necessary to help that child.  As much as parents protect their children, Grandparents (and I am one) should love and protect those precious children TWICE as much.  How can ANYone know of a child's molestation and keep silent?  There is no way I would protect ANY man (or woman), regardless of who he is.  There is NOTHING that justifies protecting a child molester - they are all disgusting monsters .... and being a trusted relative is the worse kind.  There is no law that deals with them harshly enough.  If anyone ever touched my children (Thank God no one ever did) I would have gone to jail for sure, because I would kill the bastard who touched my child  (OR Grandchild).  How COULD anyone remain silent?  It is beyond comprehension.
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May 17, 2008, 9:50 am CDT

Paranormal and Psychics

Quote From: zensible1

I respect your opinion. I wish to offer that everyday people do experience paranormal activity. They do not have a Dr. Phil to turn to for their 'issue'. By the time they contact me, they are at their wits end and feel like they are losing their minds and are still tentative to even voice what they are going through. It is a very real problem for some people. I'm sure there are people who will watch this show and gain insight as to where to turn for help and how to avoid being scammed.


It helps them to know there is someone like me or a member of the NJGHS who will treat them respectfully and investigate scientifically. Not every case turns out to be paranormal. Sometimes the creaky cabinet door really just needs a shot of WD-40, or the demonic odor in the child's bedroom is the rotting bowl of cheerios under the kid's bed...but in any case, we comfort and respect the person and conduct the investigation.


You would be surprised at how much relief a person gets when they see tangible proof that explains what they've been going through. To find out they're not going crazy and here's's a big relief.


I think Dr. Phil's show will help people. Just the warning about the dependency on psychics alone is valuable. I've met many people who are psychic-dependent and spending all their hard earned cash on the fakes so they can decide whether or not to take their next breath. It's so sad.


You know Dr. Phil is all about treating people with 'dignity & respect', I'm sure that will come through even on the paranormal topic - what is considered 'far out' by conservative standards.



L'Aura H.


Yes there are scammers galore, but there are some people whom are extremely psychic.  We ALL have the ability to varying degrees if we are open  - and notice things around us.  I cannot deny that there are things out there, as I have seen, heard, and felt "beings" - I don't know how else to define it.  And I'm not crazy!  Who are we to conclude that there is no other form of life/spirit/being except us?  I guess each and everyone will have to experience something themselves in order to be truly convinced.  But once you DO experience something, believe me, there will be no further doubt!


 I'm glad that Dr. Phil show explored this subject.  Yes - there are crooks and fakes out there that take advantage of people.  And Yes - there are also things out there that just cannot be explained!   I hope he will do more shows on the subject in the future!


Anne in Connecticut


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