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September 1, 2005, 6:36 am CDT

Looking for son

55 years ago, my mother gave away my son at birth.  I was only 15 and did not know I was pregnant until the nite my son was born.  I know that is hard to believe, but I promise on the bible this is the truth.  The only info I have is the date he was born, where he was born, and possibly the last name of the women who my mother gave my son too.  I was heavily sedated and do not know the name for sure.  If I have found him (which I am not sure) he lives in the same state.  Since this happened 55 years ago I have no idea how to find him.  I have found excuses all my life not to find him.  I need to find him before I die.   If any one knows how to find him, please let me know.

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