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October 18, 2006, 5:30 pm CDT

Wild Car Driver Inlaw (Lack of impulse control)

 I think that thorough brain scan is a smart move on your part.
Could be something more simple. Has this patient been sent to
sleep clinic. Rem 2 sleep deprivation could affect impulse control.
If the driver is around middle age or older and put on a diet there could
be a possobility that the soft palet in her throat has become less
rigid and blocking her airway when she sleeps. She might not be
aware of how much rem 2 sleep deprivation she is experiencing.
Rem 2 sleep deprivation can be a source of stress at work since
it may cause one to forget small details. I believe that your
dialogue indicated that she was a nurse. Nursing can be stressful
enough without sleep deprivation.  I call my CPAP machine my
dream buddy.  I have one of the newer ones that has a memory
card in it so I can't cheat. May want to check this out.


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January 2, 2007, 10:26 am CST

Feedback more than one source

Quote From: ceildh1

Finally, a new show.

I don't blame the guest that is scared of clowns or costumed characters, I NEED to see someone's face, for me hiding behind a mask is just plain CREEPY, I don't go into full fight or flight mode, only if they try to touch me, but otherwise I just walk by and don't even look at them.

Computers taking over the world ? Okay to be fair, we fear those things we don't understand, but I wonder where the idea of the mouse shocking her would kill her came from ?  I admit, I'm pretty useless if I can't just  "point and click", and I don't like to try new things ( the last time I did I crashed the silly thing, $200 and a new hard drive later, I'm back to "point and click" ), but I am taking a course to LEARN, and maybe that's what she needs.

Twenty two with a security blanket ? what's wrong with that, I'm 37, and cannot sleep without MY PILLOW, I take it EVERYWHERE I might be staying the night, yes even hotels, and I still have my childhood Teddy Bear, that sits on my bed, my husband thinks its funny.  Her fiance if he's the problem should just get over it, its a small thing.


But the last guest, hey, if you can't walk the walk, then don't talk the talk.  If you're too lazy to do it, then Shut Up about it to other people, looking forward to the confession, but she should be warned, there might be some backlash.

Happy New Year to All

 Roosevelt had it right after WWII when he said "that the greatest  fear is fear itself" A group of PHD's in in mathematics, sociology, psychiatry and psychology  had  a  brainstorming  session  their conclusion was that "reality is just group hallucination" When it came to the events that led up toand followed 9/11one might wonder if this is correct. On one hand the "religions of the world can be a source of personal strength.
 Our knowledge of religions must go much deeper than that- relgions are a diamond
 mind on how individual fears, group behaviors and group dynamics.

For example I belong to Toastmasters International a group that works on social skills and speaking skills they have a safe environment to grow there. Example 2. Went to a Hymn sing sometime ago. I can improvise parts as I sing along. The director asked the group to great each other passionately. Well as I shook hands I remembered Dr. Phil's seal hug so I introduced myself with a handshake and a seal hug. The next thing I knew it was a big passionate frontal hug. I got so many of these hugs that my "cup runith over"
Contrast this with some political environments where even a tap on ones shoulder
could get one arrested for molestation one need to walk a "social tight rope" when
dealing with these groups. If I took all of my feedback from these groups  I would
probably be hugging more inanimate objects than my pillow and might be seeking
affection from socially unacceptable places.  Tears come to my eyes
when I realize that there are people that took most of their social feedback from these
hysteria filled political action groups and now they have to take "hug therapy"  to be
mormal again. Its not a terrible thing to be attached to an inanimate object but it
can't hug back there are lots of people that will hug if they feel comfortable about it.

I would suggest meeting other groups that are not "safe environments to grow   emotionally"
that way hugging your inantimate object will turn into real live hugs and you will desite the
inantimate object less and less.

A precautionary statement " group behavior  are not always sane get you group feedback
from a variety of groups" Be cautious around groups with political agendas that spread


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