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May 28, 2006, 9:48 pm CDT

Slimming down for summer

This should not just be for summer, but for life.  Most of us upset with this Kelly guy have lived what his wife struggled with.  Life is what we want, a good life.  This Kelly is worse than a selfish, self centered moron, he is just evil.  He didn't just happen into her life within the last week.  He lived in the same household as she struggled to get where she is.  "But she promised" doesn't cut it.  I hope it all comes back to haunt him for not supporting her. PERIOD.  Maybe the weight she lost will be found by him, let the tables be turned.

I was  not the skinny-mini through my life, I was the sick kid--did not know why till adulthood.  But food was never the center point, either.  I have a younger brother with Prader Willi (eating disease), so weight issues have been part of a lifetime as well as education (I am 51, he is 48.)

At 20 I was still 115, then with new meds due to ?? DX, I began the first 15-20 gain.  Constant pain is part of my life.  But I accepted the 140#.  Now I have crept up to 175 and feel as if I am bursting at the seams.  None the less my clothes feel tight, my skin is tight.  Genetics gave me a small frame and I am 5'5".

I am a good cook/baker, but have always been food conscious and ate responsible--conviencing myself that the "weight gaining foods, etc were BAD foods I learned to dislike".  So I AM a fussy eater.  Which then makes my weight gain hard to understand.  Food is not an important issue in my life.  I have had to learn to keep some schedule to eating--newbie diabetic--learned to carb count.  When all else fails and I get hungry, I take the lettuce out.  Keeping a food diary doesn't give much for clues.  Knowing which foods are higher carbs, fats, etc. I can avoid them.  So, toothpicks, water and lettuce are high on my grocery list. 

Hubby can't understand why I don't want to go out to eat--if we do, why don't I order this or that--used to be favorite.  I have almost paranoid of how the food was fixed--I have concerns for my food origins, eat the healthiest, use olive oil, lofat, lo cholesterol, etc.  Deserts are a word in the dictionary for the most part.  I eat small meals, am a slow eater.  I can take those favorite foods of the past and fix them at home, not deep-fried, etc.  You feel like things have to be explained when you ask for your food to be steamed, grilled, when it is NOT the menu item.  Some places won't fix it your way, unless you are at the fast food joint.  Just this past Saturday, I stopped at Arby's for the needed roast sandwich, sans all fixings.  Gal behind the counter asked if I wanted ------ and I said this was all I was allowed to eat, carb counting, so she said--You'll need a cup for your water!  I didn't have to ask.  She said her young daughter is a diabetic and knew by how I ordered I maybe was as well.

So I feel my age, my hormones, migraines, my hypothyroidism, my fibromyalgia, raynauds, diabetes, cholesterol issues are part of my problem.  Estrogen or lack of deposited the fat on the belly in such a short few months. 
So I ask, if my plate is this full, why add something else.  My skin feels like it is going to burst. 
I am a distance swimmer.  Since Sep 05 I have done 60 miles.  Total since Sept 04, 160 miles.  I don't always have access to a pool daily, but I try for 3 x week.  A mile usually takes me 1 hr. I have done water exercise since 1989, medical reasons.  So it was my biggest life change.  I don't let many things stop me from getting there (unless I have a flare.)  Exercise makes may issues less painful and allows me to move more. Getting out of bed and walking sometimes is hard to accomplish. 
I don't feel as if my doctors really understand how hard it is to deal with everything, come see me in 2 months---do your best. 
As a plus--I will get in a swim suit, don't want an audience in trying them on.  Find a brand and style, color, stick with it.  I have used the Carol Wior since 1989.  Expensive but I love them.  Makes me feel good, makes me look good.  I use public swimming pools.  My fellow pool users during water exercise time are in similar shape, so I don't think "what do I look like".  Even whales love the water! 
I have a new baby granddaughter 2 weeks old, and along with her 3 yr old sister (which I daycare) give me reasons to write this, as well as to keep looking for answers.
Peace,  Joyce in Minnesota

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May 28, 2006, 9:54 pm CDT

05/26 Summer Slim

Quote From: staceymmc

Dillard's sells them... But don't bother I bought one... That was a waste of $130.00
 I have used this brand since 1989 and I DO feel good in it.  JC Penny's has them as well as online to Carol Wior.  The double suiting is their special draw.  I have tested alot of other brands.

I am a swimmer and can get a couple years out of this product rather than 2-3 months  out of a $40-60 suit.  AND I have found them on EBAY, new for $20 or so.  I like styles that are for swimming rather than sitting on a beach--find the tank scoop neck keeps me "in" when back stroking/breast stroking.
Peace--Joyce, MN
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May 29, 2006, 4:20 pm CDT

Dieting, finding Dr Phil's books for us who can't afford them

I got mine all on Ebay for a couple of bucks apiece.  There are those who read them, and move them on.  Thank you to those who do!  Otherwise the public libaries usually have copies or can get them as well.
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May 29, 2006, 4:42 pm CDT

Miracle Suit or Slim Suit (Carol Wior)

Quote From: tl46360

Try a Miracle Suite. 

They are expensive but worth EVERY PENNY. 

I've never tried a slim suite. 

No matter what you wear - enjoy your summer and feel good about yourself! 

I have used the Carol Wior since 1989, JC Penny's carried them and still have a small selection. Herbergers also carries it (upper Midwest stores).  I have also gone online to her suits as well as EBAY  has them, and at affordable prices (my last $130 suit cost me $20 total.)  I know which styles I like so it is easier for me to buy this way.  My SS last me a couple years of swimming in clorine pools.  I have bought cheaper suits that last a couple months.  So the trade off is there.  I feel GOOD with the CW suit. 
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March 22, 2008, 1:24 pm CDT

Tired of being a Mom

This is sad.  The pain deepens when we CHOOSE a child through adoption that "has flaws" that we did not see.  When we give birth to this situation, our body's hormones help us to switch gears.  And automatically there is the help out there.  When an adopted child is dxed with issues, they don't have the parents with undying committment.  It can be learned, so don't think all is a lost cause.  We as  adult humans have learned to adapt very well to our changing world.  We have resources to reach out to, to gain knowledge, simply this website and Dr Phil's show is one committment to that.  The children that are brought from other points of the world came into it without ever expecting anything but nothing.  That is why adoptions happen.  I would not want to the the parent of a child I could not care for, nor one who had to give up my child to someone else to care for UNLESS I knew my child was going to be in a better place and still be loved.  My heart aches for the mother who let her child become adopted by someone else.  This is a maternal heart speaking. 

That aside, don't sit and cry in your cheerios.  Time for you to learn to put yourself last, your child and special needs first.  Whether or not your child was born to you or adopted.  Get the pity party done and get busy.  This is a life long committment.  And we are here to help.

My story is a personal one, making a long story short, my special needs brother was 3 years younger than me.  My mom was told in the hospital by a nurse who came in crying.  There is something wrong with your baby.  And they did not know what.  At 9 days old he was sent by car to Rochester Mayo Clinic to find out answers.  A friend who was an RN went with.  The doctors thought it was a lost cause. This was the beginning of the fight of Alan's life.  As back on those days institutionalized babies, children was the normal. NOT in our family.  Alan came back with no dx.  Flacidity, feeding on a brek bottle due to no sucking ability.  Failure to thrive could have been used.  At age 3 months a TV program talked about cerebral palsy.  AHA!  Symptoms that described my brother!  The Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis had a pilot clinic in Aberdeen SD.  They got Alan to that.  Remember, this was back when no benefits, no holiday pay, thin paychecks were the norm.  Families got you through.  For the first 13 years of Alan's life, he had the dx of CP.  WOW!  All of us kids did his PT, OT, feeding, changing, all to help our parents.  Grandparents staying for days on end to help (2 bedroom house, 7 family members), all sorts of people coming, calling, helping.  His public school education stopped at 1st grade, he was able to go 12 miles from home to a special needs school.  Eventually the school district developed the best special ed dept in SD.  No more daily driving anywhere!  Alan could read, write, etc anything the rest of us could.  We did not allow him to be as special as he started life out.  He was one of us. 

Age 16. it was time to find a sheltered workshop and school with training.  It broke our hearts to have him hundreds of miles away BUT he loved it.  He lived in foster homes, had foster famlies. Had responsibilites and knew he was loved.  By age 13, Alan was redxed as Prader Willi Syndrome--the eating disease with mild retardation.  The PW and CP are identical in early years.  PW has the increase of weight, eating, etc. A whole new story in itself.  As time went on he lived in many different states and schools.  Finally we got him moved to Willmar MN (10 years ago) with a program that got him is own house, his own job, his own bills, his own housemates, his own friends, church.  Arriving on the "practically normal" front also came other issues, such as puberty in his 30s-40s.  So that got changed too. 

Finally, my brother was as independent as he was going to be. He loved it.  WE loved it.  Networking gets you to these places.  Yes, there were days you wondered where you were going,  NEVER I wish he were not born.  NEVER, NEVER NEVER. 

Having his diet controlled by carb counting in a diabetic diet made so much sense.  It was the first diet that worked.  Last June Alan was feeling cold, crabby, and so we felt maybe he needed more carbs.  His house mom took him to the doctor, did some labs, which led to an CT, which led to a family meeting.  This child, our brother, had cancer!  Not 1 place, but 4 different kinds/places.  He was cared for, saw doctors, had a plan, etc.  This was something we did not see coming, EVER!  How do you take care of this now?  How do you make it worK?  How can you make it go away? 

Alan's words in the doctor's office made the choice difficult, yet we understood.  His voice, the Lord's words,  I do not want anything done, I do not want to be sick, I do not want medicines.  Leave me alone, please.  The doctor felt he understood (here is a person who had guardianship from the day he was born, we did the best 100% of the time) and we needed to follow Alan's request.  Do nothing.  Knowing what we know in our society of fix everything, it was very difficult to accept doing nothing.  But the Lord got us through.

We entered him into hospice immediately to help his house staff with what needs we could.  He also requested NO HOSPITAL, I want to live in my house.  We lived every day with him to the fullest. With many friends, family, pastors, there was always someone filling his day.  His normal schedule continued, if he felt tired, he would adjust it.

His main concern was his birthday in February 2008 he would be 50.  He wanted to be 50 like his 3 sisters.  That meant he got old.  So in August 2007, (49 1/2 yrs old) we had a 50th birthday party for him, he loved it, people came from all over to celebrate it. It was his birthday, our last time before his funeral to celebrate his life.   2 weeks later we had his funeral.  And we celebrated it the way Alan would have wanted his party to have been, balloons, tears, stories, love shared.  7 weeks was such a long time for him, a split second for us.

So please, there is help for those in need.  Don't give up.  Just cause today may be a 'bad' one, the future may be full of rainbows and balloons. 

(In Feb 2008, on his birthday, I made his favorite cinnamon rolls, poured up 2 gobletsof sparkling cider, toasted him with love, and blew out his candles, said I loved him forever and said it was time to go to bed.)

From Alan's loving sister, Joyce

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March 22, 2008, 8:20 pm CDT

Tired of being a mom

Quote From: flbutterfly71

I can't say that I feel exactly the way these mom's do, but I really understand how sometimes motherhood can truly affect moms negatively. I am married, have four children, 16, 14, 10 & 7, (my oldest is developmentally delayed, my youngest is a livewire) three dogs, we own a business and I am a full-time college student with a double-major! We are helping to take care of my brother-in-law who is 46 and Austistic, (my husband is his guradian). Our phones never stop ringing. We own a large home and most days I wonder how I will make it through. I realize I have created this but here I am and I get very overwhelmed! I hardly ever go a day where I don't feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and daydream about running away to China. LOL. I do get a few luxuries occasionally...a massage or a vacation. Unfortunately I feel like until my children are raised and on their own and college is completed for me, I will just feel crazy. Order is not easy to keep and we do fall behind. I realized a while back that I was losing myself as a person which is why I enrolled in college (knowing it was heaping my plate) but at the same time it was something for me! What I do realize in the midst of the madness is that my commitment is to this family that I created and no matter how heavy it feels at times I could never be happy if I jumped ship. How could I enjoy serenity if I walked away? There would be no peace in that no matter where I was! I could never do it! I pray a lot for strength and for answers. One day at time is a great motto. Worry about today, today! Go no further! I try to find outlets like laughter and I do poke fun at being a mom and having kids.(Erma Bombeck style) It is pure comic relief. Sometimes mothers tend to take things way too seriously!! Maybe this mom needs a break so she can regroup and clear her mind. Maybe Dr. Phil should send her on a spa retreat, somewhere she could receive counsel and she could rethink the situation. I wish her the best of luck.

Blessings to you and a gentle hug.

I posted earlier today, it is not on site yet. (Concerning our special person.)

I don't think going to a spa retreat will "help" mom, as her brain will be on overdrive thinking of all the stuff being undone, not getting done, etc at home while she is there.  You know, we can't shut them off for an instant (one of God's little jokes?).  I, too,was raised on reading Erma Bombeck, I used that (besides my Bible) as a basis for raising MY 3 sons.  And now 2 granddaughters often.  Thing is, with family members having special needs, you need more than a day out to take the pressure off. You need permanent resources.  I too, dream of days my home would look like HGTV, but am so glad I have had experienced what I have, it has made me the person I am.  There are 'end of the rope days' that I know will be better after the sun sets and rises again.  I have a permanent health condition as well that does not sit on the back burner. Yet, I try not to make the day about me.  

Apparently mom in question does not have the support from her family, friends.  She then needs to step outside of that comfort zone to apply for what her special needs family member needs. They cannot.  We are put on this earth to take care of each other.  When that stops, so does the world we want to live in.

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March 22, 2008, 8:27 pm CDT

tired of being a mom

Quote From: thumper84606

Dr Phil,

I am so worried abt my daughter. She was in a 20 year marriage to a man who cheated and abused her both physically and verbally. She has no self esteem and they have 5 children. Abt 3 months ago she came out of her bedroom and found him and another man having oral sex together. She finally left him. I put her up in a motel for the night and then she went to her sisters home until he finally moved out. He moved to Texas and has not sent any child support money. She cries and threatens to kill herself because she can't make it. She said what holds her from doing it is her children. She applied for help from the state of MI but because she works 40 plus hrs a week she didn't even qualifiy for medicaid. I have asked her to get help but her response is I have no insurance and can't afford it. She moved out of her home about two weeks ago because she couldn't afford the payments. She went to legal aid and they helped her fill out divorce papers and child support papers. He was served last week and is now threatening to run so he doesn't have to pay. I feels so bad for her. I am proud that she finally got him out but I live on the west coast and she is on the east coast so I do what I can from here. But its hard. He calls and promises the kids things and then never follows through with it and its my daughter who the kids take their anger out on because he doesn't follow through with it. He is an alcoholic and a drug abuser and that is when he calls is when he's high or drunk and tells my daughter off or says mean things to the kids too. I told my daughter to not allow calls from him unless he is sober. But he calls when she is at work alot. Dr. Phil can you help my daughter get some counseling and her children.

Words of advice.  Tell your daughter not to allow any phone calls to her minor children.  She must protect them at all cost.

If the father only calls when high, this is not a person anyone should be talking to. Document the date, time, demenor and then keep for the attorney dealing with the divorce.  The judge will take care of this.  Also, if he becomes jailed, you will see some child support from his jail/prison earnings.  Once the system gets a hold of him, he will stay in the system and on the child support roster until they are 18 yrs old. 

The damage of the children hearing these promises from an absent parent is worse than NOT hearing from them at all.  Discuss with the children that they will not be allowed to talk with him when he is high or drunk.  That what ever he tells them will not be carried through as a promise when he is in this condition. Unless their father gets the help he needs, they need to understand that they will need to be adults to contact him on their own.  Choose your words carefully, talk with your pastor, an attorney, public health provider, etc.  PROTECT THE CHILDREN.


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March 30, 2008, 10:24 pm CDT

tired of being a mom

Quote From: melissalynn25

I don't think I have ever been so angry watching this show. This woman that is complaining about her son just infuriates me. He may have down syndrome and autism, but he KNOWS how is mother feels about him, which is why he acts the way he does. He's not stupid, he has feelings and emotions, and to know how his own mother feels about him, why wouldn't he act out that way? He has no way of communicating how he feels or what is wrong with him, and that is frustrating to him. She's not even trying to work with him, all it is, is "Oh poor me. My son is disabled, poor pitiful me." There are alot of woman out there raising disabled children, and I know they do an excellent job. Yes, it does take time and effort, but that's everything about being a mother. It's not a part time position. It is a 24 hour, 7 day a week job. You can't pick and choose what kind of child you have.


But good for the dad for being a good parent and standing up to her and not allowing her to put him into a home. No telling what kind of treatment he would get in a place like that. She would be amazed at the difference she would see if she would show that child some love and compassion, instead of acting like he is a big inconvinience to her.


As a mother to a 5 month old baby girl, it is unfathomable to me how a mother could say these things about her child. The whole thing just makes me sick.

I need to respond the dad issue.  I posted earlier, before seeing the show. My point still stands, I need to address the father.  Coming home from AWAY to work, spending minimal time with the child makes his authority of "not a hard child to take care of" bogus.  GIve the father the same 24/7/365 time frame and the mom the reversal time away from home and the dad would be writing.  The cares for the child PLUS the home life--the normal things you and I do and take for granted.  I am an older sibling of a special needs child--born in the 50s.  You had family to pitch in and share your needs NOW. But with the isolation the mom feels is not a good mental health living for anyone.

THe father is selfish is he thinks the mom's health will outlast her son's.  Or stupid.  It was sad when my parents (really my mom) said this was it, time to find another place for little brother. My story previous showed it was the best move ever. My young brother was dxed with multiple kinds of cancer last July, died in August. My father had to come to realize his guilt of not being there as much as he could had to be let go of.  And to have to say goodbye as my little brother took his last breath.  We loved our brother.  Letting him go to live in a group home was the best gift we could have given him. He had a normal as possible life with a happy family who came to his home to visit. He had a social life that was so full, sometimes he told us not to come. 

There are horror stories of hellholes, but the ratio of fantastic places is much higher. "Dumping" your child is different than letting them have a life. Our society has more concerns about animal care than our special needs children. (I am with HS).  Letting a special needs live where they will have the care and fullest life is the most important.  There are programs available nation wide--I kid you not--so don't waste any time.

And you all out there without  children of special needs--volunteer at functions,special olympics, etc.  The hug and smile is so much worth it.  Heck-help a mom with a special needs child.  I have done respite care for a DS little girl who broadened my horizon completely. 

Bless you all. A mom with normal children and grandchildren--grateful for my special needs brother for 50 years.  Joyce 

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November 1, 2008, 7:16 pm CDT

Keeping your children safe

As young children, 2 of my 3  sons joined TaeKwonDo. I had taken self defense classes a year prior to this and I felt it was a good step. Small town (less than 4,000) even so, going to larger communities for trips, etc. I felt I needed to make a move towards their safety.

How right I was. During the next few years, issues came up, bullies, challenges, the education in self defense through TKD allowed them to move past the bullies with self confidence and challenge them to their gym to wear safety equipment, then accept their challenge.  No bully ever showed up, showed their faces again, also knew my kids stood up for less fortunate students who continued to be bullied. The principal of the high school issued an invitation for anyone who wished, could join my son at his gym to see what they could do.  Announcments of advancements in rank and also tournament results would be announced and posted in the schools.  The list of students in TKD grew longer--alot happened to be those being bullied as well as special needs students.  The bullying within the students dropped off. This made the problem public, as well as the names of the bullies were coming forward too.

My sons never had to fight a bully anywhere, their own personal safety was enhanced.


Kids need to know it is o.k. to fight back and how to get away from danger--safely and swiftly. You don't have to fight back--only when you have no more options--being taught how to get away is part of the TKD skills learned.


I am at 15 years later, now a practicing Grandma--with  6 and 2 year old granddaughters who also know the sport. They also have been taught to show self confidence in their personal space. The 2 year old has high kicks, powerful hits, as well as a sqwack that is similar to her taught yell.

I don't give opportunity to leave them alone, nor do their parents. The 6 year old is known as a playground peace maker, yet, she carries herself with self confidence and stance and her classmates know she studies TKD.

If you don't learn and practice, practice practice, you can't expect the natural thing to happen of what is in their minds, hearts and souls in how to respond. You can't take a half hour lesson in a  classroom, parent talk, etc. You must allow your child to be safe in the realm they can function in. And this takes practice all the time. 

My 4th grader and 7th grader continued with TKD, the oldest studied up to 2nd degree Adult Black Belt and 1st in Hapkido, before moving on from home. He was also the gym head instructor for 3 years too.

the 4th grader, well he is now known as MASTER MARC.  He has studied all levels, gone to Korea to study, has other martial arts black belts added to his skills and one of his 2nd jobs is teaching TKD since he was 18.  He became the head instructor and teachs 2 night a week. His goal is for kids to learn how to be safe, show their parents the skills their children have in being safe.  His pay is not much--he keeps his class fees down to make sure all who want TKD can have it.

The side note is the teachers find students are easier to teach in classes, they show respect and manners more than other children.  Master Marc also teaches special needs children. They are of many levels and feels they also need a sense of personal safety.  He has has students who have graduated come back for continuing classes--even special needs students. They school special needs teachers also recommend his classes to parents.

Oh,  he holds his classes in the school gyms which helps students in their own surroundings as well.


Master Marc teaches from the World Federation TKD from Seoul Korea. They are the last association in the US still connected ONLY to Korea.

I  hope this makes sense,  let's keep those kids safe.  

Sign me  PROUD MOM.

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November 20, 2008, 11:11 pm CST

My Child can't stop eating

Quote From: raeberry

These kids seem to have extreme over eating issues. Have they been tested for Prader Willie Syndrome? I have worked with people with this syndrome and it is controllable, but it would be easier to start controlling it at this young age.

I need to address the Prader Willi Syndrome issue.

Yes, there are many who are out there with PWS, but the management would be the same thing. Who buys the food to allow this to happen.  Just cause the 'mom might want to eat' what she deemed the child could not have--sorry, I would absolutely have to slap her on that one. 


My little brother was born with Prader Willi in 1958.  Heaven knows it was not on the medical books at that time.  But he received a close DX a few months down the road. Mom saw a program on TV and thought--that looks like Alan.  So doctors checked things out and wow--said we were dealing with a cerebral palsy child.  Well, at least we know what we were dealing with.  His true DX came about age 13.  Symptoms are so close that it takes a chomosome testing to verify the difference at young ages.


"It is estimated that one in 12,000 to 15,000 people has PWS. Although considered a "rare" disorder, Prader-Willi syndrome is one of the most common conditions seen in genetics clinics and is the most common genetic cause of obesity that has been identified. PWS is found in people of both sexes and all races."


But of dx of CP did not hurt my brother, we did the OT/PT, did not make him special BUT made him one of us. He had mild retardation as well. Who knows, maybe that was part of the birth process, etc where that developed.  All PWs do not show mild retardation. Some show an autistic side, again, we don't know how much is evolved.  Each PW has their own unique set of characteristics that come with the story. He had a memory to be challenged, never forgot anyone he ever met, reminded me of RAINMAN movie.

We got him moved from SD to MN into a waivered group home which then led to his own house with a house mom and 3 other guys to share it. 24 hour coverage is necessary as well as nutrition education for all, but esp the PW.  Food is kept up and away. Alan was the only PW in his house, but he respected the others. He had part of buying and cooking the meals, knowing what he was allowed to eat, also knowing what he WANTED to eat.

One thing with PW, too many people think they are doing a favor by slipping the child the cookie, etc. Although it changed with times, it still happens. Someone undermines the program. Yes, one slip up DOES count.

A PW's food pyramid is built differently than a normal person. The metabolism is not the same. They can function on about half the calories and still gain weight so it is important the the food bulk is there, just not the calories and carbs.  A PW must always have their food regulated. Choices are given, but within a realm of reason.

My brother seems stuck in puberty into his 40s and so the doctors decided to add some hormones that he missed through his teen years.  I did not like this at all, I was not his guardian, Mom was. We won't know but Alan died Aug 2007 of a quickly onset of cancers.  Lung, lymph nodes, liver, colon.  My brother was monthly medically looked at by some medical care. You'd think someone would have caught this. He was put on a diabetic diet counting carbs and this was really working as his diet control. Until he started complaining about being cold all the time, so they went in. Within a week, we had the full dxes and 7 weeks later, we had his funeral. 

What I am grateful for is the fact the doctors and social workers looked at my brother and explained things to him, he looked at them, asked questions about surgery, being cured, and then told them he wanted no treatment. This was most difficult on my (elderly) parents and his house mother of 10 years. But we believe the words were the Lord's, not Alan's and there were indeed plans for Alan.  For 49 1/2 years he was ours, and the Lord took him home. We went to hospice immediately to make sure all was fine as we could make it. He asked not to be moved to the hospital for any reason. We met all of his wishes as he asked for them. The hardest was when Alan turned down food.  Any food. That was 2 weeks prior to his death. He would ask for fresh caught fish to be fixed, we did it. Anything. But his greatest wish was to have the same 50th birthday party he had attended for each of his sisters (3). So we planned the biggest and best party with family, friends, staff. He ordered what he wanted to eat, did not touch a bite. He was surrounded by us all, he smiled and took it all in. He died 2 weeks later.  This is it in a nutshell, but he filled our lives with so much love and memories.  We took the best care of him all his life. We gave him opportunities to live away from home to have his own life. He was a sibling in all sense of the word. An equal.

Now that we know more about PW, it can be dxed faster and more accurate. But the families have to follow through with the care required.  Not all obese children have PW, but all PWs were obese children.

No matter which, they are our future. Obesity is not just a child's disease, but it will shorten their lives if we don't take care of it.

Schools reducing required gym time, recess time, budget cuts, families depending on quick fast drive through meals instead of spending a litle time reading labels, buy the healthier foods. I grow alot in my garden. My granddaughters and I often "eat breakfast" in the garden--take a basket and graze. Teaching proper nutrition is one thing, you must follow through with it.  If it is not healthy, do not buy it or allow it in the house. You may crave what you see on TV or magazine/cook book, but that will pass.


Thank you for listening.  Alan's sister



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