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January 20, 2007, 6:21 pm CST

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Quote From: ldingess

I can't wait to see the show Monday.   I am curious to know what Enza  is apologizing for;  her behavior on the show, her ongoing daming Kim to Alex,  brainwashing Alex to continue hating her mom, or finally Enza admitting that she has not been there for Alex as an Aunt should be instead of creating more issues and drama for Alex.  It is so obvious that Enza uses Alex to get back at Kim for whatever reasons, and that sickens me.    Actions speak louder than words and if  Enza is sincere, she'll start with a great big apology to Alex for not being there for her in the past 4 years or more and step up and start doing more positive things with her and stop the elementary bullshit with Alex,  admit that she has mishandled things about Kim and said things about  Kim to Alex that was not appropriate for her to talk about with Alex. 


 Hopefully Kim can see past Enza being there and step up and admit to her real issues for the sake of her family.  I feel as long as Enza is there, Kim will continue to hold back and not be as honest with Dr. Phil and herself as she needs to be to receive the proper help!!  C'mon Kim noone cares what Enza says or thinks about you, but we do care about what you will sacrifice for your own child to get her help.  If Kim is sincere she will do what it takes for her daughter!!  We are praying for you Kim so please do the right thing.  Kim, think of it this way Enza is there for your entertainment, ignore her or just laugh at her she is a fooooool!!!!   Praying for Alex!!  We all should pray for Enza as well she needs some serious help!!      Curious to see what happens!!!

I cant agree with u more.. Enza is a real piece of work! She wants to be a hereo in Alex's eyes but shes just thinkin about herself and tearing alex apart inside. And whos the only 1 suffering? Correct ALEX

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