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July 24, 2005, 8:28 am CDT

Foster parenting

My name is Mary and I'm a foster mom. My foster daughter was in my pre-k class 12 years ago. She was taken from her drug addicted mom 3 years ago and was in 2 homes before she came here with us. I adopted her on June 13, 2005 on her 16th birthday. We have our ups and downs but I must say that the biggest issues have come from working within a system that says they care for children but they really don't. The foster care system here in Ithaca, NY is just terrible. Sarah was with us a year and only one person came out and didn't even ask to see her bedroom. For all they could have known she could be living in a dog house in the back yard. These child care systems are why so many children slip through the cracks and we only hear about the ones that get starved and end up in the news. In the 40 years I have been alive I have never seen so much incompetence in one agency. Now that I have adopted I don't have much to do with them other than getting back foster care payments never payed. The sad part is that because of this agency I will never foster parent again unless they are under new management.




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