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February 14, 2006, 1:25 am CST

Quitting sports

Help me PLEASE!! 

My son is 17 and has been playing football since 7th grade.  He has been on varsity since he started.  Football has kept his grades in the B-C range and also promotes good health habits.  He recently won All Region and All State this past December.  He is on the road to what could be a football scholarship which would be a godsend to the financial difficulties of today.  Here's my problem.  Enter girlfriend Cayla, he spends 24-7 with her, has dropped seeing all his football buddies (who by the way call me Mom), and now I learn Cayla has been asked to leave school due to lack of credits.  She should be graduating this year but only has 13 1/2 credits due to high absence.  I asked my son why and he said she skipped school for various reasons.  She is leaving school with parental permission on Feb 26th, her 18th birthday.  Now I'm worried, our son has skipped practice and wants to quit because he doesnt get to see Cayla (maybe we should prolong the day past 24-7).  Last week was his 2nd try at the ACT test which he wanted to make a higher grade in (his words) and he "slept in".  One the road to no where land is what I say.  Cayla has controled every aspect of his life for 8 months and now I worry at a constant pace.  Look what time it is 4:27am EST.  I have lost sleep, have no appetite, lost 26 pounds, and have drank coffee and smoked till my I drop.  Help me, please! 

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July 6, 2006, 5:41 pm CDT

Hang In There Leigh

Quote From: leighh

Good Day all  


I am Leigh Hendricks a 21year old Mother of one beautiful baby daughter! I just resently move in with my boyfriends mother and him but things are not going to well. The house we live in is very small and we all share a bedroom! The room is leeking and we have no sanitation at all! No baths no toilets! Anyway! My daugther is getting sick of the roof thats leeking because then it is very cold!!!!!!!!! I am the only one working my boyfriend can't find a job! he has started his own tuckshop but it does not help much! All of this is starting to work on me and i've started eating everything that I can find to eat! I am getting so fat and I am scared that my boyfriend will leave me soon.. We are still very young and I don't want my daughter to grow up with her dad not being there because of her mom!!!!!!!!!!! Please help us in anyway you can! you are my last resort!!  

What else can I say but hang in there.  Motherhood is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had.  I believe if I was in your position, I would first put your daughter first.  Your boyfriend second.  Her health and well being are fist and foremost.  Jobs are hard to find these days.  Make a goal of a better house together, invite him and his mom to help, if you want this relationship.  If he bucks you, remember your daughter counts on you and you alone for her needs.  Strive for a better future for her.  Your depression regarding this arrangment is "eating" at you.  Stop eating your profits so to speak and put them where it really counts.  In the bank, kitty bank or whatever.  There's your savings for a better house.  My two boys are everything to me and I would put down whatever I could to know that there are well cared for.  I'm second most of the time.  Life is about choices, make wise ones for your daughters sake. My prayers will be with you and yours. 




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