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February 17, 2006, 9:41 pm CST

balancing work and family

I was in an abusive marriage for13 years and have 2 kids. I was a stay at home mom for all of those years. I have no formal education. When my x-husband left us. He took everything of value and hid it while the kids and I were out of town for a family emergency. We returned home to find him and all thing of value gone. He made over200,000/yr. My kids and I lost everything(home,7pets,financial security,worst of all my kids lost me to a job that doesn't even keep enough food on the table).If I work a second job my kids are home alone longer. We have tried it ,but since I believe one of my kids has Asburgers(sp?) it makes it very difficult for my kids to be left alone. I have 2500 dollars in collections as my x-husband did not pay the bills during the divorce.I have one $200 spending limit credit card(maxed)a cell phone contract for 2 more years, and the least expensive place I could find to rent and keep my kids in their same school district is $1000/mo.I just can't seem to make it.I do recieve child support of $1300/mo. I have a 5yr. old vehical.NO family or close friends in the state we  currently live in whicch we moved to for my x-husband's job. I am from west Tx. I am now way up north(YUCK). With no  financila way to continue fighting him in the leagle system. I try to stay positive and focused on the kids,some days just seem a bit much. I don't know how to continue with all the things that need to be done, and get out of this crater I've fallen in to. my kids do not spend any time with their father. I don't want them to feel I've abandoned them also,by working a second job.What to do

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