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November 6, 2006, 10:15 am CST

Sadness is the word to describe all of this

I have no doubt in my mind that Jereme is guilty of the crime he has been accused of. And when I call it a crime, I mean it is a CRIME. Anyone who has suffered childhood sexual abuse can agree.  I believe no matter what , this man needs to never have any contact with this child or the one that is on the way.  He needs to go to prison for the rest of his life. Most offenders never stop.  Even if he was offended as a child, why would it make him want to go on to do it to someone else, esp his own flesh and blood.  Just watch his facial expressions etc... it is so easy to tell that he is lieing. 
The bottom line here is that precious baby girl.  I pray that someone will step in with social services etc.. that has a brain and will see through this guy. He is a master manipulator. Thank you Dr. Phil for seeing through this. And please don't be so hard on her mom or grandmother. How would you feel if you had to pick up your daughter under these circumstances? If they are not experienced  , they did not know maybe they were doing anything wrong. All they could hear was this little girl begging for someone to hear her and protect her.  Please somehow someone listen and make sure this child is protected from here on. My gosh he proved he was a child molester with his first wife. He was 21 she was 14.  What 21 yr old in their right mind would want a little 14 year old girl? I'll tell you what kind , a pervert. No other name.  He is a child molester.  Proof has been there since his first wife.  I pray this poor child is being protected, my heart breaks for her and what is ahead for her , even as an adult.  I feel so sad for her and if I could I'd grab her and run and protect her from that thing that has the nerve to call himself a good dad if I could.  Of course  I can't, but this story hurts more than I can say.  He is a sick sick pervert.  I pray his wife now will divorce him and never let him see his child. I cannot understand the law anymore, it does not give the victims any real rights anymore.  I pray this all turns out the right way so that precious little girl will not suffer anymore.  If demons exist, I feel that man is full of them.  Dr. Phil please fight for this little girls life and her future sanity.  And help her mom too, she will suffer alot of guilt , even though this is not her fault.  Help her too, she is just a child in reality herself.  
September 15, 2007, 11:08 pm CDT

cell phones and eating out

Quote From: sallyky

I would like to speak on the topics of cell phones and manners at the table. First, it really irks me when I'm sitting at a meal time and someone has their cell phone turned on and he or she thinks it's so important to answer the thing during that time and then sit there having a conversation with someone else and I've been trying to talk to them. I've been out with friends that are constantly answering their phones whether it's in the automobile, restuarants, shopping, etc. I can understand if they're expecting an important phone call, emergency whatever.

Second, manners at the table is important to me. One thing that comes to mind that use to really set my nerves on edge was when my stepson would make so much noise with his fork and knife. Example: if we were having eggs for breakfast, no matter how they were fixed, he'd take his fork and beat the plate chopping the eggs up into mush. You could hear the clatter 2 rooms away from the kitchen. I found a remedy for that, I bought paper plates and made him use them. Another thing was when I fried chicken he'd take the skin off and throw it on the floor. Needless to say I never took him out to eat. I think people need to be polite no matter where they are. There's no excuse for rudeness.

I agree with you about people using the phone when eating out. It is rude as all get out. If you have to get on the phone, I believe you should excuse yourself, but only for a short time.  I was so upset one day by someone close to me when we went out to eat.  A family member of ours calls all the time, esp when they know certain times are not good. but the person I was with refuses not to answer their call.  Well, he got up and went to the foyer or the restaurant we were in and left me to eat along.  I thought ok, I will go ahead and eat.  It was a buffet and I took my time. 20 mins. later after several tea refills etc.. I was finished. So I got up and walked right past the person and was walking out the door as they noticed and I heard him say, hey wait where are you going?  I said Home!!  I am finished!  We were in separate vehicles.  Well, later I get several calls and refused to answer.  Things like I cannot believe you left the table, they cleared it and I had to start all over etc...etc..  were on my voicemail .   I refused to answer as I said. I went on and did some shopping we had planned to do together and I only got things for myself and the rest of my family.  The person was very angry with me. I told him, you had no right to be angry with me, you are the one that left the table to talk about the same old junk you have to talk about everyday etc... This was suppose to be our time together etc...  Now I REFUSE to go eat with him unless he leaves his cell phone in the vehicle. I keep mine on me just in case one of the children (13-18) has a Real problem and has to call (his choice).  In case you are wondering, it was my hubbie and the caller was his MOTHER!!  (She works at his business and they are together more hours a week than we are) .  She was really upset when he would not answer the calls, it is like I told him, it is me, or the calls!!  Which would you rather have in home in bed with you each night? Well, he chose me!!  After 29 years of marriage, he has finally put some limits on his rude mom!!  I am a Motherinlaw to,  and I always respect my daughter in laws times with their husbands. I make it a point to leave them alone. I told them from the beginning, if you need me call.  Otherwise I will leave you along and will not be a nosey obnoxious person in your life.  To say the least my daughterinlaws and myself are best buddies.  But to say the least this has improved my marriage greatly!! 
We are acting like newlyweds again, but alot more mature ones !  I wish I had done what I did years ago !!

I had to add this, tonight we were at a buffet again and there was a man with a wife and two children and someone called. He was so obnoxious and rude. His children were about 2 & 4.  Anytime they said his name he would be rude and say hush real loud.  His wife was in tears.  Finally her and the children were through and after about 10 more mins. She walked out to the foyer, but sat on a bench with her children and just waited.  I felt so sorry for her.  I wanted to say something , but the way her husband acted with anger towards the children, I felt he just might be an abuser  !! 
ANyway to all you people that do this kind of stuff to your families etc.. it is rude and if you are in an eating place, you deserve to get left !!!
December 5, 2007, 11:12 pm CST

My dad changed

Quote From: tuebar

Batterers,batter PERIOD.......someone wake these women up they do not change
I agree about all the talk about abusers. But I am happy to say this one thing. My dad stopped abusing 28 years ago. He and my stepmom had been married about a year, when he attempted to slap her .  He was 6'1", she was 5'1".  She was so shocked, she holed herself up in their extra bedroom, thank goodness it had a half bath. But before she did that she ran to the kitchen and got the biggest butcher knife they had. She stuck it up to my dads face. And called him a bad name and said you B--, i f you ever do that again, you will  be  a dead man.  She stayed holed up for 3 days , only sneaking out at night to eat etc.. when he would be snoring real loud in the next room.  He begged and begged for her to come out, would go get her food and sit it on the floor by her door (she would not eat it in case he poisoned it) .  Finally she came out, but then would not speak to him for weeks.
I am Glad to say, he has never even attempted to hurt her again.
They have been married 29 years now.
Now my mom was another story. he beat her till he messed her up mentally. At 49 she died from a brain disorder, caused normally from damage done to her brain.
I finally forgave my dad , only because I know he has changed.
WOMEN wake up if they beat you up and then promise they will quit, do not believe them, get out.  At 12
I had to stay at home from school to take care of my mom.  I finally dropped out at 16 cause I was so far behind. (I have a GED NOW though).  She died when I was 18.  I am 49 now and married to the same man almost 30 years.  I warned him if he ever wanted to hit me to walk out.  He never has had to walk out thank goodness.  (I did explain about my mom, and added I'd kill a man if he ever hit me ) But my hubbie is like a big gentle bear.  Awesome hubbie and dad to our 5 children and now a wonderful grandpa to our grandchildren . Women it takes time to know a man.  These short relationships of not knowing a man are so stupid and dangerous.  My husband was my best friend for 5 years before we realized we wanted to be married. 
Women always remember YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED DECENT!!
December 5, 2007, 11:15 pm CST

No doubt He killed her

After watching this man on different shows etc.. my thoughts are that he had everything to do with his wifes disappearance.   What about the 55 gallon drum that a man had to help him get rid of etc.. etc.. et.c....
Everything points to him as guilty!!
Gosh I feel so bad for her children.  

March 6, 2008, 2:18 pm CST

Lock them up and throw away the key, just like a murderer !!

I do not have alot of Mercy in this area. I believe once you have sexually offended someone you have murdered their spirit , their wholeness and their chance at total wellbeing someday.
I do not believe a molester, sex offender etc.. , should ever be out of jail. I believe murderers should not either. To me the crimes are the same.  Even though someone that has been molested is still alive physically, the death on the inside of them is so bad.  Most never get over it.  So if I had my way, they would all get the death penalty and not sit on death row forever, but get it over with quickly. They are NOT human in my sight. Even if they were offended before, how in the world can they use that as an excuse to go on and mess others up?  If they have no control, or no remorse over what happened to them , to make them not be like their offender , then they need to be put away. If we could get them out of society, we could eventually end or lessen these crimes. But the law insist on treating these people like humans. Make an area in the USA far away from normal decent people, and make them all go live there. That way they can just use and abuse their own kind.  Like I said I just have no Mercy for people like this. It'd probably be best if they used a firing squad on them, Like in other countries to some who break the laws . Our laws though are on the criminals side here in America. That is why the crime rates are getting worse everywhere. There is No Justice for decent people. Only for criminals.  Things need to be turned around. Build more prisons etc.. Right now as I am typing on the news they are talking about 2 murders of two different college students, One female in Auburn Ala. from Ga. and another  female in a state I missed.  I think maybe she was from Ga. also.  Its just so sad for these families etc..  If justice was on the victims side , we'd see less of this kind of stuff.  I usually have alot of Mercy. But I am sorry in this area, I just can't find it.  I know too many victims of this kind of crime  !!  I've witnessed the permanent damage this seems to do !!

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