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October 14, 2005, 8:21 am CDT

Northwest Valley area

Hi, My name is Robin and I live in the Surprise area just west of Arrowhead. I've been on another board since last year, but it's a small group and everyone lives in either Canada or the east coast. I think having a connection with local folks who are on this quest would be great!  

I just came out of a charcot fracture cast after being sidelined with multiple fractures in my left ankle for the past 7 months. Not being able to walk has hindered my efforts greatly.  

I am taking baby steps toward getting my physical abilities back, but beginnings are what we are about, right?  

You can email me directly at the address listed on my profile if you are interested in a weight loss buddy. Thanks and good thoughts for you no matter what.... 

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October 21, 2005, 1:01 pm CDT

Howdy y'all!

Hi, My name is Robin, I live in the northwest Valley of Metro Phoenix Arizona and I have been a member on two other boards since 9/2004. First one of the diabetes boards, then was invited to join the Over 50 w/ more than 50 to lose. Unfortunately, the blackout earlier this summer kind of hurt our numbers so we are trying to regroup with others and this board was highly recommended to us.  


Hi, Jazz.....Donna.....Heat.....Susie.....Hope you all made it in here!  


I just spent more than 7 months with a seriously fractured ankle which sidelined me big time. Finally I was put into a chacot cast in June, which was removed only last week. Right now I am in the process of getting my legs and feet to work normally again, so I can return to WALKING! Things are going pretty well. 


Second bit of roommate just got hired in a new job, so hopefully things will go well and he will begin paying his share again. I just might be able to celebrate Christmas this year with gifts. :-) 


I'm heading to Alaska in about 3 weeks to spend 10 days with my son's family, including meeting my new granddaughter for the first time. They just sold their home so will be moving during the same time I am there....I love it! Total chaos and I get the full time job of being grandma to my two babies! I cannot wait!!  


Very nice to be here....I will try to read the recent posts so I can get a handle on who is here, sometime this weekend.  


Love and Good thoughts,  


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February 2, 2006, 11:44 am CST

Sex is not about love

But extramarital sex is a death knell for a marriage based on conditional love. No matter what anyone does NOT make the relationship stronger. It causes great pain and damages the self esteem of the partner who is being shared with another. A real man or woman who truly loves his or her partner, would never be willing to hurt them in this way.  

Even if both partners agree to the concept of "open marriage", I guarantee one or both of them is going to get hurt before it's done. And the marriage will never be the same.  

But then, if one of the couple is "bored" and in need of "excitement", then perhaps the marriage was never Real Love to begin with.  



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August 19, 2006, 10:37 am CDT

Hey sweet Donna.. I'm baaccckkk!!

Quote From: doco5256

Have been away from here for awhile - but popped on this morning for a visit - have tons of posts to read so am not caught up with everones coming and goings...


Just had to say:

Raven, you go g/f - I know you can past that CDL test with flying colors and be burning up the road - IF that is what you want to do - I long hauled for years - from New Jersey to Miami mostly produce...loved driving and now there are so may women on the road, it is a much safer ride that it was 25+/- years go girl!!!


Alice, glad to see ya here and to read that you are back on track -I know how easy it is to get side lined, but have been doing ok myself..went to the dr for my reg visit and was fussing about how I am not making progress and not losing like I think I should...well, he went back and flipped thru my chart...told me I have lost 18 pounds since May and what ever I was doing just to keep it up...dont know how or when I lost that much - my scales surely dont reflect that amount - but...hey, I'm not going to argue!!!


Karen you certainly have done a great job in leading everyone thru the program and  steps. with lots of support and good advise..  Theresa, Shirley, Susie, Bevo and everyone here ...please know that you are thought about often, love each and every one of you are all in my prayers daily..


My Mom has been keeping us on our toes - she was in the hospital for a few days - chest pains and VERY high BP - they could not get the BP down or stabilized, she will go Piedmont Hosptial in Atlanta on Wednesday for more tests...guess we will know more after that  - you all kow how these doctors work - takes forever to nail down the results...just keep her in you prayers, please... 


Will try to pop in and catch up on the reading and will post again soon - have a blessed, peace and prayers always....Donna/GA


After 2 months of sleeping in my grandkid's playroom (I'm thinking of decorating my new bedroom in Sesame Street cause it was such a Happy Place to wake up to, seriously!) I was finally able to get a little furnished apartment and had my cable internet service activated last night. :-) First thing this morning, I went to Dr and sadly discovered our little group had disappeared.

Which is alright, because it apears that this group is goin strong! (I linked on your postings to find ya, Donna girl) I will hold good healing thoughts for your Mom. I need to do some reading of the postings so I can get familar with you gals, then I will return. FYI.. my name is Robin, I am 54 years young and this past year decided to pack my tent and move to Alaska to be near my grandchildren all the time. I quit my job, took a pay cut in the shorts, sold or gave away pretty much everything I had accumulated over a life time and shipped the rest by air to Juneau. (pictures, books, music and clothes are heavy, man.. still cost me 2K in shipping). I traded my convertible and the Arizona sun, for a 4x4 and living in a rainforest.  I love it! Best decision I could have made. :-)  My friends called it taking a Leap of Faith and I recommend it highly.


Re: weight. I originally weighed 278, the first time I found the DrPhil groups nearly 2 years ago. I had been diagnosed w/ type 2 diabetes and finally came out of denial. I am glucose intolerant to the max, so I went on the modified Atkins diet and adjusted my protein intake a bit higher.I lost 15 lbs, then stepped off a curb and broke my ankle badly and ended up in a charcot fracture cast for more than a year. No walking, just sitting and growing into Jaba the Hutt. My body has suffered for that by losing muscle tone. I am in the process of rehabilitation right now, learning to walk again, climb stairs, etc. It's painful, but I embrace the pain and am grateful to get my feet back! I believe the exercise and my eating plan will reverse the damage done so I can continue my path and lose the excess weight.  I avoid refined carbs at every opportunity, but I try to maintain an attitude that I am not giving up anything in my life. I am "escaping" the addiction to using unhealthy foods for emotional gratification. My body must be smarter than I am, because it's very good at backlashing when I give in to temptation. Salt, sugar and wheat are not my friends anymore.


This morning, I weigh 254 and I have a goal to get to 163 within the next year. I need all the support I can get, so hopefully I will find some here. And I will give as much as I can, in return.


Very nice to meet you all,



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August 19, 2006, 10:48 am CDT


Quote From: stardelli

He says it every day "LET'S DO IT "  & do i ? have i ? sort of ...! not good enough eh ! well have just printed out The Rapid Start Plan " so have to shop for it ...& then "Lets Do It " and "Get  Real  !anyone got  any pointers ?  anyone any positive ways of doing this .?..i know it is quite restrictive ....but hey ....i can do it ...! can't i ?  yes of course i can !lol,(thats not a really good "laugh out loud" more of a grimace !!!! will keep you posted !..Love Susie ..."HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" XXXXXX

A change in perception has helped me alot. I resist change when I feel I am having to give up something that gives me comfort.

Instead of perceiving this change as something I am giving up, I look at it as if I have been "possessed" by an ugly beast that is intent on destroying me and I need to escape from.

The excess fat on my body is the real restriction...not the food choices. I would suggest you spend 24 hours on a food fast...nothing to eat whatsoever. The Rapid Start Plan will look like a banquet then. And it is. ;-D

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September 7, 2006, 10:22 am CDT

So sorry I disappeared on you all

Things have been hectic the past two weeks, but will let up by this coming weekend. I've been having to work full time, then immediately go to care for my grandchildren till 10 or 11 at night. I am exhausted, my clothes hamper and kitchen sink are overflowing and I caught a cold on top of all this.

I did get to read the postings up until last week...can't wait to know you ladies better! :-)  In the meantime, I am sending you something my Doctor wrote (that is copied from her website at ) Hope you get a smile from it like I did!


Love and good thoughts,

Robin in Juneau

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September 7, 2006, 10:24 am CDT

Ten Commandments of Weightloss

                                  (please affix with thy most favorite refrigerator magnet)

1) Thou shalt honor thy health and good spirits above all else.

2) Thou shalt not go on crash diets; there lieth the way of madness.

3) Thou shalt not clean thy neighbor's plate.

4) Thou shalt not eat when thine eye lusteth but when thy stomach

doth supplicate for sustenance.

5) Thou shalt sup chiefly on the fruits of the earth, the grains and

vegetables thereof; on the fowl of the air and the fish of the

seven seas, whence donuts cometh not.

6) Thou shalt not eat when thou art miserable, for food is not a

medicine unto the soul.

7) Thou shalt take exercise daily; for why hast thou sinew and bone,

legs and sneakers?

8) Thou shalt be patient but not forgetful of meal times.

9) Thou shalt take delight in every good friend and good song, in

every good walk and good day; for to enjoy them more is why these

commandments are given unto you.

10) Thou shalt not knit thy brow if thou transgress a commandment,

but forgive thyself; for it is written, nine out of 10 is not

too shabby.

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September 11, 2006, 6:35 pm CDT

The cold is winning darn it!

Hello All,


I ended up having to take a sick day from work due to my body giving out before the weekend was upon me. Add to it, my having to rush the family to the airport, then running across a parking lot in the rain, without my coat, hat or umbrella and I was ripe for the picking!


I've been home drinking what seems like gallons of hot tea and surfing the web when I was sitting up. Came across a website link that you will absolutely love, if you are looking for quality background sounds and photographs to meditate or relax by. I am stunned to find the site and pleasantly surprised it is free! LOL  Check it out and while you are at it, make yourself a pot of the most delicious superfood beverage you can possibly ingest;


Slim Chai Tea

2 Green Tea Bags

10 whole cloves

1/4 tsp each of cinnamon and cardamon

3 cups of water

 Place tea bags and cloves into hot water and let steep for 3 minutes. Remove the tea bags and cloves (I use a french press so they are filtered out anyway). Add the cinnamon and cardamon and stir well. Makes 3 servings.


Meditation room link;


Love and good thoughts,

Robin in Juneau



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