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November 21, 2005, 9:50 pm CST

Sick mother?

Hi there, this is my first time on the message board so I am new at this, my brothers and sister and I grew up believing that my sister had cancer when she was 11 years old, we all remember my sister going through cemo, and her throwing up and being very sick, just recently my brithers and sister and I found out that she has lied to all of us for 19 years, she has admitted to drugging my sister and taking her to sit doctors offices waiting rooms so she would think she getting tests, she convinced my dad and the church and family and friends. 

My mother has a long history of illnesses her self including cancer ,pancreas problems and more, there is a long history of alchol and mental and physical abuse expecially with my sister and I. 

We now have discovered that she faked several of her own illnesses and may still be doing so. 

This has torn my family apart and since I am the big sister and pretty much raised them since I was 17 they turn to me for help, my brothers dont want to deal with it and my sister wont have anything to do with her, my mother calls me daily and tries to manipulate and controll me to keep me on her side, I actually agreed to work on Thanksgiving so I wouldnt have to deal with her. 

I am disgusted and sick over what my mother has done but of course I still love her and dont know what to do! I cant afford counseling for her or myself and she is a caregiver to an elderly woman and I am very worried she might hurt her for attention, if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate the advice Thanks! 


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