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November 16, 2005, 3:59 am CST

sport and kids

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Hi! I'm a fourteen year old girl and I have played sports all of my life. Sports have really structured my life. I am a straight A student, do very well in sports, have wonderful friendships, and best of all, a wonderful family life. I have run Cross Country for two years, but am currently playing Volleyball, Basketball, and am running in Track. The sports have brought my family closer together and my bonds with my friends have become so much stronger. I have learned time management, how to interact with adults (my coaches), how to better improve myself, and how to work as a team player. Sports have helped me with my life, but best of all, I love to play them! 

I admire you for your sporting ability but also your focus at your young age keep up your track running . I am from New Zealand and my girl is approching 11years old, she has been running athletics & harriers for 4 years and has many medals packed away in her short time. I also totally agree that sports do bring families together. Teagan runs all year round and also her coach allows her to play touch football sunday : so relaxing she should play for the baby all blacks, but all she would like is to play soccer but no, coach is ex overseas pro & NO MEANS NO so I will enter in to another 10km fun run where she can bet him now LOL!!!

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