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November 15, 2005, 3:59 pm CST

Just diagnosed



After at least 4 years of battles with ups and downs with depression, I've been diagnosed with Bipolar... Not sure how I feel about it. But I'm glad I now have a name to put to this hell that I've been going through. What I wonder most at this point is how the heck am I suppose to deal with 32 years of pain and old wounds due to things that were said to me throught the years? things that were in relations with my behaviors... as far back as I can remember I've had negative reinforcement... I'm smart enough to know the difference now and understand it... but still.  This whole "internal dialog" that we hear Dr. Phil say... it's easier said than done... 

I'm sure that I'm not the only one going through this, so I hope that we can all support each other though this. 

Simply knowing that I'm not alone and that what lies ahead is a road that's been traveled by others actually soothes the anxiouness a little bit. 


I want to thank Dr Phil for putting this site up and this board, because here in Québec, Canada... you're on your own and there is little if no support at all for this disorder that affects so many people. 



thank you 



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November 16, 2005, 8:58 pm CST

Bipolar Disorder

Quote From: elliek123

My husband although not diagnosed by a Dr. was Bipolar. I lived with him for 25 and A half years, we had many ups and downs do to his condition, 2 great children and though I tried my best to help him, on June 2, 2005 he committed suicide. We had many talks during the last two years of his life when he finally realized something was wrong, but he would not go for help. My message to you is to continue to accept what ever treatment is out there. You do not want to put your loved ones thru what my husband has put myself, his children, his sister, father and friends  thru. Life is to be lived as best you can, to respect others as you respect  yourself. Always remember YOU ARE SPECIAL and deserve THE BEST LIFE YOU CAN LIVE. 


Hi Ellie, 


first, let me say how sorry I am for your loss and my heart goes to you and your family for the tragedy that has hit your lives. I understant that I'm lucky because I was able to get diagnosed and will eventully get all the help I can get. 

Unfortunately, not all are so lucky. I feel extremely blessed and wonder why am I so lucky to be taken under safe wings of understanding. I can accept and I WILL COPE. What keep's me going at this point is TAKING CONTROL of the life I thought I had and now I KNOW I CAN HAVE. 


I also know that families who are affected by this disease suffer just as much, if not more, than the person living with it. 


I embrasse your courage and find faith the love can endure many things... 25years, God bless your sould and your children are extremely lucky to have a mother as strong, devoted and beautiful as you. You are gifts to youselves. 

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and share your pain. It's easy to forget how others have pain too. 


Warm regards... and PS:  I STILL HAVE SOME FIGHT IN ME!!!!! 




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January 22, 2006, 6:00 pm CST

no longer alone

Quote From: n_country

I just joined the message board, this is my first posting ever! 

I too suffer from night terrors, but not to the degree that you are. I’ve woke up many times after a very loud scream, or from punching the wall. These dreams have been there all my life too. I slept-walked as a child, and would actually engage people in conversation. Sometimes I would yell and swear at my parents. I think the one of the causes of my night terrors is repressed emotion, mainly anger.  Of course I could be repressing more than my emotions.  I look forward to seeing this program. Perhaps it will help us in some way. I hate to hear that you suffered abuse, I have heard that does cause night terrors. I don’t know if ever have been abused, but I’ve been a substance abuser since my early teens… my memory does not serve me well. I think that the answers to many of our issues lies within, but in your case with the severity you describe medication may help. Go see your doctor. I always try to think about the dream I was having when I wake. My nightmares do not frighten me any longer. I believe your dreams give insight into your mind and soul. 

I have to admit that even though I knew  I could not be the only going though this, just having other stories that resemble mine... it's very comforting.  I was lucky enough to be asked to go on the show... the footage shown on TV was a footage that I hadn't seen before until the taping. My reaction to seeing "her" for the first time out of my head, well, that in itself was... bizarre yet it gave me a relief. 


I will keep posting here as I go through the steps that Dr Phil has so kindly offered to provide for me and I will let you know what comes out from all this. Maybe my experience will be help others.  I hope it does. 


There is help for us and I'm sure there is a way to control this... we just have to hang on. 




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March 17, 2006, 3:04 pm CST

Still holding on

Quote From: beachhouse

Hello ems. Am I correct in assuming by this post that you are the lady featured on Tuesday's show? I missed the very beginning of your segment but certain parts of it really resonated with me. I, too, had a recurring nightmare although it was not as pervasive or debilitating as yours. What struck a chord with me was the very brief film clip of a house and dog. It gave me a strong sense of deja vu because they closely resembled the house I lived in when I had the nightmares, and the dog we had at the time. The house had a history of a murder back in the 1950s and I often wonder if that was somehow the source of my nightmares. After I moved from the house I had the nightmare only once, then never again. I never felt afraid of anything in the house, though, except for during the nightmare. I truly hope you find a way to resolve this. Please keep us informed of your progress. 




Hi all.  


Yes you are correct. I'm the one one the second part of the show. Thank you for the support. I'm still strigling with th enightmare. Still trying to beat it at this point.  I'll keep you posted. 




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March 17, 2006, 3:11 pm CST

thanks for the support

Quote From: catfan21

I have beed diagnosed with a sleep disorder and I can relate to Nathalie's nightmare in some ways. I used to have bad nightmare, not always the same one. I am now sleeping with a breathing machine and now have no problems. With Nathalie setting her alarm for every 1 1/2 hour there is noway she is getting the proper sleep. I hope Dr Phil will have a follow up show on Nathalie, because I would like to know her out come. She is a lovely lady and I would love to meet someone of her nature.  

Hi there, 

thank you for your kind words. 


I've been seeb by Dr. Lawlis and waiting for the results to come back. I AM NOT POSSESSED, just something in my past that is not resolved... I assume. 

I will keep you posted as to how I am doing. As for now, I'm still strugling with "her" and trying to keep my awake life normal. 






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