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November 8, 2005, 12:42 pm CST

Giving Up!

I give up!  I've run the dating gamut and I quit.  I've dated friends of friends and men I've met in chat rooms and on line dating services.  I've dated co-workers and strangers I've met in the check out line.  I've even gone as far as considering plunking down $3000 for a professional matchmaker.  But no more. 


I have been cheated on, lid to and robbed--emotionally, financially, and physically.  I've been dumped in kind and gentlemanly like manners and left sitting by the phone wondering what went wrong.  I was left at the altar and left for the altar. (He decided to become a priest.)  I was even "Grace" to my own "Will" before it became popular. 


And what for?  To still end up alone on the couch eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and watching "Law and Order" marathons on TNT. 


I have donated 20 years to the dating game and I think I'm finished.  So if my Prince Charming is out there, he's going to have to throw himself on the hood of my car.  I'm through looking for him. 




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