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October 23, 2005, 8:31 pm CDT

Setting boundaries

Quote From: young_one

Hi, I am 16 yrs old. And though I am not an adult yet, I will give you my opinion, you dont need to take it, but I'm just putting it out there for you. I think that you and your fiancee need to sit down, and talk about what has been happening. I think you both need to talk to your ex's. I think that you should kick the 18 year old out. I think your fiancee has to realize that her daughter still has some problems accepting a new man in her life. I think that you guys should kick her out, and send her back with her dad, and not allow her into your home until, she gains some more respect for you. Because, it is your house too, and she should respect the both of you. I'm not saying that your fiancee shouldn't see her, but I think that you guys shouldn't allow her back into your house until she starts showing a little more respect and appreciation towards you. I think that your fiancee should sit down and talk to her. Because she is the one causing problems in your household.
Well I am in a weird situation also, engaged and trying to raise my boys and his.  I honestly believe that not raising your children with the two that made them is a punishment from God.  No I'm not a religious freak but I'm noticing that no matter how hard I try, the stepchildren will not respond to anyone but the biological parents.  Doing good for them is sweet but it's taken for granted and becomes very painful for the outsider (the stepparent).  I'm engaged and don't see us making it to the alter because he's not strong enough to raise his kids properly and support me.  Don't jump in and get married and get stuck because I am in your situation and know that you should resolve problems in your relationship before you totally commit your life to her.

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