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October 19, 2005, 8:58 pm CDT

Hang in there

Quote From: gonicki34


      I had a tubal liagation reversal done on Aug30th/05,they found a 10 cm long cyst on my left ovary and falloben tube which they had no choose but to remove my left ovary and tube.They fixed my right side but now i'm wondering will i ever get pregnant with only one side to work with? I have 3 teenage daughter's from a previous relationship and now i would love to have one with my husband who has no children of his own.Being 34 year's old i would like a child now rather then later!! Has anyone had this medical situation and overcome it by getting pregnant? I am very nervous about the possiblity of getting pregnant then having a tubal pregnancy as i only have my right side to work!! 

I have not had a tubal liagation but I do in some way have the same problem...when I unexpectadly fell pregnant with my daughter who is now 2and a half I had awful pains on my right side at 10weeks and my doctor told me that I would have to have an ultra sound because he suspected that the baby was ectopic (growing in the falopian tubes) ..a few hours later I had the ultra sound and the radiographer told me that the baby was normal but she couldnt find my right ovary so she asked for my concent to do an internal ultra sound and of course I concented because I was worried but it turns out that my right ovary is very small and (probably) doesnt function but as the radiographer said the left ovary obviously works fine.... 

so maybe it might take you longer than average to get pregnant but it can me :) 

hang in there and keep your hopes up!!! 

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October 19, 2005, 9:17 pm CDT


Quote From: missfrogge

We had our ultrasound done today, but baby was stubborn and wouldn't show us what he/she was.  We are going to go to a private company Saturday and try to find out... 


The reason I am upset is something that was said today by someone I really relied on and trusted.  As I told all of you a while back, I am 35 and have high-blood pressure, so I am considered high-risk.  I also have suffered from severe depression for many years....the depression is better and I am only having to take one safe medication, I also see my psychiatrist and HE is the problem.  I told him today that my obgyn asked if we wanted to do genetic testing and I told him no, we didn't and the obgyn agreed.  My psych said that it was because of religious beliefs, but I told him that I wouldn't abort a baby no matter what, my child is my child.  I asked him if he would have aborted his little girl and he said YES, absolutely, he went on to say that he felt that Downs children were missing a chromosome and that he felt that they weren't even human.  God, how could he say that.  I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I am pregnant, high-risk, and mentally ill, and what if my baby was Downs?  That made me so angry and hurt so deep.   


Am I overreacting?  Or am I right to cut off further visits with this doctor?  He has been very good to a difficult patient(me) for 9 years, but all this is very hard to swallow, how could I bring my baby with me to visits if it wasn't perfect?  

ok firstly let me say....I feel deeply hurt and its not even my baby.....but a child is a child, it doesnt matter what race or if it is missing a leg or a chromasome or 2 its still an inocent human being that deserves love and respenct...its your child and you need to fight for its rights.... 

on the other hand it was just an opinion that your physc voiced to you so maybe if you just dont  ask for his opinion on this subject then you might still be able to see him and also it might help you to voice the fact that you felt deeply hurt by his comments. 


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October 21, 2005, 4:10 am CDT



I met my husband when I was just 16 he was turning 21and we hit if off right away....however 6months later I was pregnant, he was over the moon and I was in the middle, I had feelings of happiness and feelings of dissapointment in my self.. 

But we both have loving and supportive parents and we got through it with their help. it has been a long hard road but 2 and a half yrs down the track (yes I am only 19) we are married. 

We done it in our own time because we were in love NOT because we have a baby together.  

Our little Girl was our flower girl and 19th of march this year was the happiest day of our lives...we have been in love since we first layed eyes on one another...he is my best friend and sole mate and even though I put on a few pounds through my pregnancy (by a few I mean 60 but have lost around 20 kgs with only 10 to go) he still finds me beautiful and healthy and doesnt even comment about other women or make nasty comments about my body, I guess because of this the SEX IS GREAT!!! when our toddler is having a nap we have out special time and he trys so hard to please me that it usually ends in 1 hour of forplay and great sex after that..... 

I am truly blessed to have such an understanding and gorgeous husband that does all he can to please me and make me feel beautiful. 

Im turning 20 next month and hes going on 25..we have been together for almost 4 yrs and every day feels like the first day we met, I still get butterflys in my tummy hearing the car pull in the drive way when he gets home from work.....hes my ANGEL xox 

We are now trying for baby number luck as yet but its only the first month but hes so supportive and hey, isnt trying half the fun!!! 


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